Food bag of desiccant have what different?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
Desiccant is very common in our daily life, usually buy some nuts desiccant in packs, and the role of the desiccant is, reduce the humidity of the products, to prevent product deterioration of be affected with damp be affected with damp, thus affecting the quality of the product and taste. Although the role of the desiccant adsorption is the product of the humidity of the air, but use principle and the material is different, according to the chemical and physical are divided into two categories: chemical desiccant: 1. Important is made of high quality calcium carbonate calcium chloride desiccant calcium chloride and hydrochloric acid as raw material, through evaporation and concentration, reaction synthesis, filtering, drying process and refined, and the food industry often make calcium fortifier, chelating agent, curing agent, desiccant, etc. In addition is also used as a gas dryer, neutral or alkaline or acidic gases can be dry, ether, alcohol and acrylic resin used for production such as dehydrating agent. Calcium chloride for hole, lump or honeycomb material, odourless, taste bitter, soluble in water is colorless. 2. Quick lime desiccant its main component is calcium oxide, through chemical reaction to realize water absorption, neutral or alkaline gas can be dry, is irreversible. The most common is & other; Snow cake & throughout; The use of this class of desiccant. In addition, also often used in electrical appliances, leather, clothing, shoes, tea, etc. , but because of the quick lime belongs to alkali, have very strong corrosion resistance, there is old person, child eyes were hurt, are now gradually eliminated. Physical desiccant: 1. Silica gel desiccant main composition is sio2, by natural mineral after purification processing and granulate or bead. The microporous structure of the as a desiccant, it has good affinity to water molecules. Silica gel is the most suitable moisture environment as room temperature, 20~32℃) And high humidity ( 60 ~ 90%) , it can make environmental relative humidity is reduced to about 40%. Silica gel desiccant, colorless, tasteless, non-toxic characteristics, chemical stability, moisture absorption performance is better. Widely used in instruments, instruments, leather, bags, food, textiles, equipment, instruments, etc. Its role is in storage and transportation process control environment relative humidity, preventing goods be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew and rust. It is worth noting that this is the only eu approved desiccant. 2. Fiber desiccant its most major characteristic is replaced by pure natural plant fiber, and through a special process. Remarkably coated fiber desiccant piece, save space and convenient and practical, the moisture absorption ability and its weight is, far higher than other desiccant moisture absorption ability. Due to the moderate price, the safety and health, is the best choice for many health care products, pharmaceuticals and biological desiccant. 3. Clay ( Montmorillonite) Desiccant as gray ball shape, the most suitable for 50 ℃ of the following circumstances moisture absorption. If the temperature is above 50 ℃, clay & quot; Water & quot; Degree is greater than & quot; Water & quot; Degree. The advantage of cheap but clay. The desiccants are widely used in medical care, food packaging, optical instruments, electronic products, military and civil products, etc. Because of using pure natural raw materials of bentonite, have strong adsorption capacity and adsorption speed and colorless, non-toxic, no pollution, no contact with corrosive characteristics of green environmental protection, colorless, non-toxic, no damage to the human body, adsorption performance is good, has the adsorption activity, static dehumidifying and odor removal effect and so on.
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