Dried fruit bags of 7 kinds of dried fruit double kidney longer effect

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Person's life is dominated by the change of the kidney, with kidney from weak to strong, again by turn tide, by failure and death, life will go through life, long and strong, old and death natural process. So it is particularly important to kidney, today let's see which dried fruit most kidney: peanuts, since ancient times have & other Longevity nut & throughout; The laudatory name, according to the determination of modern science of peanut protein as high as 30%, the same nutritional value as eggs, milk, lean meat, and easy to be absorbed by human body. Peanuts are rich in fat, lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements, regular consumption can play the role of nourishing life. A experimental results also show that the United States department of agriculture, peanuts contain hellebore alcoholate can also help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. The world called walnut & other; Near the king & throughout; , are recorded in many health texts walnut regimen, embellish, ufa function. Walnut meat is rich in protein as high quality protein, it is the essential nutrients to maintain life activities. Phospholipid composition can increase the activity of cells, to keep the brain function, make the skin delicate, play an important role to promote hair growth, etc. It contains other ingredients for coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, qi and blood deficiency, neurasthenia, habitual constipation, etc all have curative effect, walnuts in a variety of vitamins can reduce histamine induced bronchial smooth muscle spasm, a town for the effect of cough. Chinese chestnut people common for & other; Throughout life fruit &; , called the Chinese chestnut abroad & other; The king of the dried fruit & throughout; In the compendium of materia medica Chinese chestnut as dried fruit, its nourishing function to the human body can be comparable to large patch of goods including ginseng, angelica. Chestnut cheap accessible, it is the masses of cheap tonic. Modern medicine also think that Chinese chestnut with nourishing the stomach bleeding for spleen and kidney, the action of strong muscle invigorate the circulation. Pine nuts are embalmed called & other; Fruit cents throughout product &; The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pine nuts taste gan wen, invigorating the kidney, heart blood, wetting skin, stop coughing, the effect of the large intestine, adaptable to infirm, prematurely senile, memory loss, dizziness string, habitual constipation, etc. Newly built in the tang dynasty recorded in materia medica: & other; It moist intestines and stomach, take intellectual man fit, live not old. ” At the same time, the relevant texts with pine nuts recorded nutrition breakfast: take 30 grams of pine nuts, with brown rice 100 grams of cooked porridge, add sugar is right amount, breakfast every day, have the effect of the prolong life. Black sesame seed can be intellectual man fit the ancients thought that long not old, called & other; Fairy home food & throughout; Black sesame seed contains rich lecithin, protein, vitamin E and a variety of minerals. Their sexual flavour GanPing, into the liver and kidney, is good nourishing and strong. Medica new call its & other; Kidney, raising five zang-organs, weigh, runchang dryness. ” Summarized the effect of black sesame. Pumpkin seeds according to the scientific determination of pumpkin in recent years besides contain rich protein, also contain styrene acrylic amino acid composition, this is a kind of human body essential amino acids, is to convey the brain and nerve cells of chemicals, in the human body could be transformed into new adrenaline and dopamine. Both belong to stimulating electrode, can improve the sensitivity degree of body and vitality. Pumpkin seeds mainly has four big effect, namely to reduce hunger; To improve sexual desire; Improve memory and improve the agility of thinking; Eliminate depression. Pumpkin seeds, therefore, known as fancy food. Almond has better curing effect to skin, so have & other Beauty food & throughout; As almond contains bitter apricot kernels glucoside, fatty oil, protein and various kinds of free amino acid. Bitter taste, into the lung and large intestine. 'Compendium of materia medica' said it can & other; Insecticidal, cure scabies ethos, swelling, facial eczema & throughout; And so on. Notes recorded in the novel qing Yang beauty soup is associated with almond, its producing method is: almond 10 grams, the dwarf lilyturf 30 grams, 50 grams of rice. First the almonds, dwarf lilyturf, rice with water after clean into the pot, add water right amount. Use the fire boil to switch to a small fire and boil for another 30 minutes after eating. The dwarf lilyturf in compendium of materia medica said it & other; Beautiful color, yue skin & throughout; 。 Both for the porridge, is treatment for facial skin and beauty effect.
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