Vacuum bag process need to pay attention to the problem!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
Plate is indispensable procedure before printing and packaging, by printing vacuum bag can be made more beautifully, but any need to be aware of the process to be the problem? These problems how to solve? 1, small branches, small, fine lines wash off because the exposure time is not enough, we want to consider to increase the exposure time, printing and packaging to wash version time not too long, the pressure of the brush is too large, also note washing version time and adjust the pressure of the brush. Version 2, the same piece of plate washing depth inconsistent when we wash the version in the plate, it is important to note that isn't too hot plate burning machine, carefully check that the ventilation and cooling system whether there is fault, plate burning lamp intensity uneven or open out of sync, to replace all tubes at the same time; Wash version of the brush is not parallel or imbalance, wash brush pressure can be adjusted and levelness. 3, small printing when the network loss caused by a lack of positive or back exposure, prone to print a small dot leakage problems, we can increase the exposure or back exposure time to solve it, the original design is beyond the scope of the flexo reappearance ability, improvement of the original design, make it suitable for color printing packaging flexo printing technology. Part 4, the image blurred because the film has defects, we can check carefully whether the film color printing packaging image clear; We sometimes wrong to use offset printing film flexo will appear such problems, we can make qualified flexo film again. 5, and blockage of the plate blank of this is due to the exposure of reason, we should control right back exposure time, to ensure that reproduce color printing packaging small text, under the premise of fine lines, try to shorten the time of the main exposure. Plate and film poor contact plate blank of congestion problems also occur and should guarantee the normal work of the vacuum system, and roll away the air between the plate and film. For shallow printing irregular can take the following measures to solve: appropriately reduce the evaporation of the solvent speed, increase into slow dry solvents. Adjust to control the viscosity of the ink printing workshop of temperature and humidity changes within the normal range. Choose better quality printing ink and the plate cylinder. As a vacuum bag manufacturer, we have to do is on the quality of the bags now satisfy the high requirements of the various industries, to create our own enterprise's new word of mouth, only in this way can we get real success. 【 Aluminum foil bag]
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