To tell you how to identify the material of vacuum packing bag

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
To tell you how to identify the vacuum bags material release date: 2019 - 07 - 24 with the continuous development of economy, industry, the increasing demand for the actual packet, and of the performance function is very prominent, therefore, very popular. In our daily life, understand the vacuum bags generally choose PA + PE, PET, PE, MOPE, PVC, its identification method is what? Listen to packaging manufacturer the following detailed introduction for you. 1, PA + PE do fire test can slow combustion, bright flame, at the bottom of the blue, yellow, upper molten drop after burning, smokeless molten drop candle blew out and the smell of burning wool; 2, in terms of touch, feel more soft material is PA, hard some PET material of vacuum bags; 3, food bag manufacturers, in terms of sound, with the hand rub, voice is a blunt PA material, more shrill voice is PET material; 4, put two kinds of material in the refrigerator freezer for a while, take out more hard is PET material. PA material is the relatively soft; Recommended reading: how to detect the quality of woven bags, PVC flame retardant 5, away from the fire that is quenched, burning yellow orange, the edge of the green, white smoke, flame spray and light green and yellow, softening, wire drawing, stimulating hydrochloric acid taste. The last: food plastic bags under the requirements of an article: manufacturer to provide an overview of the classification and the use of packaging
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