To break the 50000 tons of rice smuggling case - Rice bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-28
Today, reporters learned from the General Administration of Customs, kunming, China customs has guiyang customs, abort a across the province rice smuggling gang, 14 caught the criminal suspect. After check, the gang smuggled into China from Vietnam rice since 2013 5. 1 060000 tons, sales income. More than 800 million yuan, 1 suspected of tax evasion. 2. 3 billion yuan. According to introducing, been aborted the smuggling gang a clear division of responsibilities, form & other Overseas purchase & ndash; Round off to smuggle & ndash; Iron ( Male) Road transport & ndash; Sales & throughout; A dragon smuggling ring. Smuggling rice into the domestic market, a serious disorder affecting China's grain and oil market the normal order of trade and the national food security. The case is still under further probing.
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