The use of paper-plastic packaging materials in the production of attention

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Bags manufacturer small make up today to tell you the paper-plastic packaging materials production use of the note, I hope you understand. Plastic packaging is to point to: composed of plastic with kraft paper bagcompound, usually plastic layer using polypropylene (pp pp) As the base material of pp was silk weaving cloth, refined composite special kraft paper, kraft paper, is used both by hot melt glue them into a complex membrane, kraft paper, film of cloth bag forming, reprocessed sewn into a triad paper-plastic bag to packaging, encapsulation, etc. Plastic packaging mainly: industrial packaging, food packaging, electronic, aerospace, science and technology, military industry and other fields can be zhisu composite bag/paper-plastic bag - composite plastic woven bag with plastic woven bag ( Cloth) As base material, after LiuYanFa composite made of ( Cloth/film composite for epoxy resin, cloth/film/paper composite triad) 。 They are mainly used for packing fertilizers, synthetic materials, powder, grain, salt, mineral material powder or granular solid materials such as packaging production and flexible. Structure: paper-plastic packaging generally consists of two sides, one side is through the paper of sterilization and emissions factors, one side is not penetrating liquid, air and gas transparent composite film ( Plastic film) Transparent composite film by at least two layers ( Polypropylene lining and polyester outer) Composition. The exchange of air disinfection factor in the side of the paper, because of material, also have good microbial barrier function, and plastic face package items visible, make packaging items at a glance and has good permeability. Advantages: package items visible, good microbial barrier function, good permeability, can according to the length of the packaging equipment items, size, choose by cutting paper-plastic packaging right specifications, can be used for high pressure steam, ethylene oxide sterilization and two chemical change color instructions are printed on the packaging area ( EO sterilization before is pink, yellow after sterilization; Before the high pressure steam sterilization is blue, the sterilized into black) Faults: clinical departments to store backup paper-plastic aseptic package, easy to fold and seal cracked, poor packaging hard when dry, individual appear inside plastic stuck on the surface of water droplets, sharps prick paper-plastic bag packaging. In 2009 only for a single instrument specified in the specification of packaging, flat roll with general advice for thickness is not more than 5 cm. Products are widely used in hospital at present, but he is single breathable, some metals equipment in the sterilization process condensate, generating paper-plastic bag can not be used in the exhaust type sterilizer. Use note 1. Paper-plastic bag packaging using a sealing machine, should pay attention to check whether the sealing date is accurate, items after sealing check validity date. The handwriting becomes shallow, timely add printer ink. Medical sealing machine temperature is 180 ℃, commonly made of polypropylene melt film for liquid into the paper fiber; Paper-plastic packaging sealing lines width should be & ge; 6 mm, the seal must be the same form in a row, no folds flat, no bubble or leakage. 2. When packing to check the purity of the packaged goods and dryness, and high pressure steam sterilization equipment when cleaning is not completely dry, residual oil and water is easy to wet paper caused by the wet package. 3. To protect sharp instrument parts, such as peak shear application of silicone tube or rubber hose series, prevent prick paper-plastic packaging, due to failure; 4. Paper-plastic bag must be suitable cutting and the correct use, so as to purify the air, sterilization agent penetration, dry. Discharge harmful air will become the obstacle of heat and water vapor, so should be removed before sealing the air as much as possible. In addition, the bags can't pack too full, stretching paper-plastic bag could cause tearing when sterilization or move or seal cracked; Other devices packed with bags, bag does not have a certain space, is not conducive to the penetration of steam and cycle, steam is easy to gather in plastic bags of flour are seldom vaporization and prone to wet package. But the bag should not be too big, because the movement of the package may cause the contents of the package from one end of the slide to the other side or one side to the other side. This slide too much could damage the seal or Pierce the surface of the paper. And bag of residual air more, bag of condensed water is heated, condensate cannot completely evaporate more also easy to cause wet package. Therefore, in order to give the package to contract and circulation space, between the instrument and bag sealing edge should be left about 2. 5 cm of space. For larger bags, sealed at one end, the light pressure of air inside the bag after discharged, on another side sealing, bag is less cold air, heated from the bag of condensed water, less probability less wet package.
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