Plastic packaging waste recycling

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
With the development of economy and the rapid rise of the packaging industry, packaging waste is also a large increase at the same time, if not handled in time, will seriously pollute the environment, and gradually formed a vicious governance trends. At present, the packaging waste recycling and reuse has become a national priority of environmental protection, is also a primary pollution control of the global environment. Packaging waste is 16 million tons, accounting for 25% of the city waste volume. In the long term will lead to serious environmental pollution, and cause huge waste of resources. The economic loss caused by solid waste every year in China and available to take advantage of waste of resources value 30 billion yuan hills per ha. Plastic packaging materials, for example. About 3 million tons of plastic packaging products every year in our country, its waste recycling can save a lot of energy and resources. Plastic waste materials such as plastic parts and packaging container, and compared with pure resin manufacturing plastic parts and packaging container, can save the energy of 85 ~ 96%; Such as incineration method is used to recycle plastic waste, although can save energy, but compared with the recycling method, which can save more energy, for example: 45. 4 kg of hills per ha density polyethylene combustion value of 1. 90000 joules, but recycling can save 3. 80000 joules of energy. The recycling of packaging waste generally divided into two major categories of material recycling and waste heat. At present domestic packaging waste recycling is given priority to with material recycling.
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