Pet food packaging company

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Pet food packaging company release date: 2018 - 10 - 10 liaoning cob left food packaging manufacturer located in liaoning cob left, company specializing in the production of customized pet food packaging bags, can produce all kinds of bag type: three autoregulating, four edge sealing, the sealing bag, special-shaped bag, self-supporting bag, suction nozzle bag, zipper bag, etc. According to customer needs to customize PET food bags, usually use the combination of PET food packaging material is: PET + + PE, PET aluminum plating bag type characteristics can join the rounded design ( Upgrade the packaging) , easy tear mouth design ( Convenient open use) , hang hole design ( Convenient to receive arrange) And so on. Company all qualified, and have a strong after-sales team, professional design team, focus on new product research and development, multilingual services team received worldwide customers, provide seamless documentary team for each order follow up. Company is equipped with nine color printing presses, tell composite machine, bag making machine, etc. , for clients to save copper storage warehouse, finished products are all in accordance with the European export standards neat. The choose and buy pet food packaging company choose the liaoning cut left, perfect solve problems for you. The previous: food packaging information on what the next: plastic bags what is spam
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