Packing of compound bag order process

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
Order process of compound bag, compound bag inside with a lot of material, a kind of composite material of another kind of material can be combined with the characteristics to the bag we need. One-stop packaging decades of technical experience to introduce order process of compound bag for you. First need to consult customer service determine the thickness of the size you need and printing design, the second design need the outer packing, electric carved version 3, 4 factory due to the raw material, the fifth 10 copper plate printing machine printing or plastic board, the sixth solvent-free composite, composite process healthy environmental protection, green paper bag after curing, 7 at least 48 hours after high temperature curing treatment to bag, 8 arrange shipment. Compound bag material is most species, the most widely used of a kind of packaging material, currently used in food packaging have hundreds of multilayer composite materials. Composite materials are generally 2 & ndash; 6 layer, but the special needs of l0 layer even more layers. Plastic, paper or thin cardboard, aluminum foil backing material, such as by the compound utilization of technical personnel, almost can meet the requirements of various food for packing. Printing compound bag to use green environmental protection material, QS standard food packaging may harm human health detection of benzene solvents. In the packaging industry development, on the basis of goods packing also get the corresponding development. From a simple paper to single plastic film packaging, to the widespread use of composite materials. Compound bag processing are the last line of plastic flexible packaging production and processing process, if the bag was found to be of poor quality or cost is too high, so light is equal to the previous procedure reversed, the downstream customer claims and production and operation of enterprises have a significant impact. Ps: food packaging bags | compound bag | self-reliance bag
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