Packaging production which problems should be paid attention to

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
From the point of the situation, both daily life and industrial production, the demand for customized bags are very big. The use of plastic bags does provide a lot of convenience to people, but also caused many negative effects, the most important is polluting the environment, to solve the pollution situation, in addition to manufacturers to improve technology, also need to department stores, supermarkets and other places provided by the supermarket shopping bags as far as possible use environmental protection bag, this is urgent. Customized packaging production, mainly according to the specific needs of merchants to carry on the design, personalized and brand into the appearance of the product design and materials, in order to reveal the character of enterprise itself. Made in today's enterprises gradually pay attention to the brand effect, environmental protection has become the inevitable trend of the development of plastic bags, made this way is also fully meet the national environmental policy, in the implementation of material increase at the same time also reflects the enterprise's business strategy and development prospects. Plastic processing flow 1, mixing materials: plastic raw materials, including PE particles, as well as other filler material, if is a transparent plastic bag, and pigment particles. Mixing materials, it is the raw material mix, so that it into the next process: blow molding. Some 'dirty' vendors, in this process, adding some recycled materials to reduce costs. Nanning city red sun plastics factory production of all kinds of plastic bags, adopt new material production. 2, blow molding, plastic particles, stir well into above containers, began to blow molding process. 3, printing: general use offset printing and copperplate printing way. Rubber sheet printing plate making time is fast, plate-making cost is low, but the printing effect is poorer; And copperplate printing USES computer carving process, and need to be electroplated copper plate and other special processing, so the plate for a long time, but the printing effect is better, and can keep the longer-term version. 4, bag making, will be printed semi-finished coil, made into one bag; Vest bag mouth holding bag must be peace by hot process, in order to directly to handle hot pressed. Bag making machine will be automatic counting, ensure the accuracy of the number. 5, strong hand, vest bag mouth holding peace bag portable form is different, need to hand mold is different, but the production process is essentially the same. 6, packing delivery: standard packing for woven plastic bags, carton packaging cost is relatively high, and because the plastic bags tend to be heavy, carton packaging will be higher requirements for carton material, otherwise easy to damage in transit.
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