How to customize the suction nozzle self-supporting bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Suction nozzle self-supporting bag is common of drinks on the market such as fluid a form of food packaging. Because of the characteristic of independence, its a good show on the shelf. In addition to the appearance, food manufacturers also more concerned about its packaging performance. Suction nozzle bag custom requirements. Suction nozzle self-supporting bag inner requirement: the inherent request of food packaging is refers to through the packaging, to make ensure the quality of food in its packaging to finish the technical requirements. Strength requirement: refers to the packaging to maintain the food packaging in the process of storage, stacking, transportation and handling against outside of all kinds of destruction, such as pressure, impact and vibration, etc. There are many factors of requirements related to the intensity of food packaging, the main mode of transportation ( Such as cars, planes) , stacking method ( Such as multi-layer stacking, interspersed with stacking) And the environment ( Such as climate, health, environment) Three kinds of elements. Barrier property requirements: barrier property is one of the important performance in food packaging. A lot of food in the storage and packing, because of the barrier property errand of food flavor and quality change, ultimately affect the quality of the food. Barrier property requirement is a resolution by the food itself characteristic, its characteristics are foreign, internal block or selective blocking and so on. Block material are air, water, oil, light, microorganism and so on. Breathing: some exported food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, still insist on respiratory function in the process of packaging and storage, thus, this kind of packing material or with air permeability, or can control respiration, thus to reach the purpose of keeping fresh. Nutritional requirements: food in the process of packaging and storage, will gradually loss of nutrition, so the food packaging should be conducive to food nutrition of custody, more ideal is locked nutrition after packaging. Other requirements: the inherent requirement of food packaging and there are many, such as heat resistance request, request, shatterproof, avoid light moisturizing requirements, etc. Suction nozzle self-supporting bag external requirements: food packaging application are the external requirements for packaging reflects the characteristics of the food, performance, image and exterior visualization and presentation and wrist is food. Safe sex requirement: safe sex suction nozzle self-supporting bag now include health peace, handling, and application of peace, etc. Health and peace is refers to the food packaging materials should not contain harmful substances; In packaging technology, make the disposal after such as food in nutrition, color and taste it as much as possible. Handling peace refers to the packaging can guarantee safe problem in the process of transportation, loading and unloading, it should also include consumer after extraction and buy when shopping with peace. Using the ping an is to ensure that consumers in the process of opening, edible not be harmed. Promotion sex requirement: food packaging is one of the best wrist to promote the food. Performance, characteristics of food, edible method, nutrition and culture connotation can be publicized on the packaging. Sales of food packaging include the necessary information promotion, image promotion, sales promotion, color structure promotion and so on. External requirements include: convenience demands, informative, interest sex to clarify requirements and rational to clarify requirements, etc.
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