Food bag on % NRV is what mean

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
NRV( 营养参考价值) , nutrient reference value. Nutrition labeling of nutrition labeling shall be per 100 grams ( Ml). And/or provided by the numerical designation, nutrient component and at the same time marked by nutrient reference value ( NRV) The percentage of. In may of 2008, China's ministry of health issued & other; Food nutrition labeling management specification & throughout; Description: nutrient reference value ( NRV) Is the comparison of the food nutrition labels on food nutrition ingredient content how much reference standards, is one of the consumers to choose food nutrition. “ Food nutrition labeling management specification & throughout; Provides the food labels nutrient reference value ( NRV) Is standard nutrient reference value according to the residents in our country, recommended dietary nutrients intake ( RNI) And appropriate intake ( AI) To develop. Formula: calculation formula is: X * unit weight/RNI ( Or AI) × 100% = NRV: X = food RNI content of certain nutrients in the food nutrients intake recommendations, AI is suitable for food nutrients intake for NRV of packaging will have the energy and the NRV of main nutrients, energy NRV is equivalent to the energy density of the food, nutriment RNV is equivalent to the nutrient density of food. The same kind of food for different people, energy density and the nutrient density is different, such as the same food for babies is appropriate, to an obese person is belong to high energy and nutrient deficiency. Why our food labels NRV is only a number? This value is actually the national unification of relative to a healthy adults energy density and the density of nutrients, food choices, if you are healthy adults, can do it as standard, if the old person or child, when it is a kind of reference data, so call it nutrient reference value. Nutrient reference NRV nutrients can help consumers avoid overeating. If you today NRV energy is close to the highest amount, you will control calorie intake. Daily protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates and sodium NRV data, also need to be calculated. We use & other; Each packing (1 An average of 43 grams) Chocolate & throughout; & the other; Energy & throughout; For example nrvX = 2. 301 million kilojoules (energy Every 100 g of certain nutrients in the food) NRV = adult daily energy consumption 8. 4 million kilojoules ( According to the table, the nutrient nutrient reference value) 2301/100 * Y % = 43/8400 = 12% ( The calculation results) When consumer is reference nutrition labels and nutrient reference value, we should pay attention to the following two points. Individual demand for nutrients according to gender, weight, age, and different sports activities. In general, for the demand of sodium and fiber, men and women are basically the same, for other nutrients, men than women need relatively more. NRV is the normal activity of normal adults maintain a healthy weight and the guidance of standard ( You don't need to lose weight or gain weight) 。 If you have other requirements for diet or weight, please ask the doctor and the orders.
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