Dog food bags: dog food need to be careful not to fall into four pitfalls of choose and buy!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Myth, the color of color good-looking dog food is a good dog food can partly reflect the dog food food raw material types and structure, consisting of a pet dog belongs to the carnivorous omnivores, and meat after high temperature expansion can present a kind of brown or dark brown, the color of the chicken will be lighter. Now some bad dog food to add some pigment imitating & other; Meat & throughout; Color, so color alone is becoming more and more difficult to judge the quality of dog food. There are some friends to highlight the dog food color is bright, shiny, this is a normal phenomenon, aesthetic but does not apply to dog food. Pet dog weak eyesight, and a color blindness, in their world only black and white, but as for the dog food color is bright beautiful, for them. Imposed on the people to their own subjective aesthetic dog, is a kind of dog food is misleading. Mistake 2, smooth surface, dog food must be good dog food is meat, plus some other raw materials, after the necessary pieces. Now a lot of pet lovers think particle surface is more exquisite and more good, is very not correct. First of all, the dog is not like the food too delicate, some friends like the dog food to feed the dog, too delicate dog food under the action of starch will be very sticky, this is a pet dog to gather the food taboos. Actually pet dogs would rather eat the food of some of the more hard to eat soft food of sticky, effect of dog food can also affect the dog's palatability. Myth 3 do not have a unified, shape is poor dog food many pet lovers in love dandle choice food for themselves, like dry puffing dog food grain shape, size, and rules and neat degrees, completely in order to judge the merits of the dog food, and this is not correct. Dog food deep processing of a variety of raw materials through a series of programs created, belong to the industrialized mass production, is the important link in the middle of puffing, puffing is water rushed out of the particles cause the variation of moment, so it is random, and, if meat composition more cases, after high temperature and same shape different meat atrophy, it's hard to do every particle of dog food completely consistent, it is especially for the people we like to eat barbecue said easy to understand, the life of the same shape mutton on the oven, bake them after not shape size is consistent, it is for this reason. In theory, such as corn, starch, soy, wheat flour plant shape control ability is far more than meat, in order to judge, the easier the more starch grain shape is consistent, the easier it is unified image. Grain diameter, length, of course, a far cry from that is another matter, it is lack of foundation in pet food production process quality control management. Furthermore said, appearance is square or round, is long is short of, the person may have a hobby, likes and dislikes about our lovely pet dogs is no effect, as long as meet the pet's stage of physiological, maintain normal size convenient for eating, not too small to eat, to eat is the best. Do not myth, taste sweet is not a good dog food now more and more pet lovers to choose dog dog food, first like your smell, this method is normal and necessary, but if the be fond of according to oneself choice was wrong for the dog. We all know the dog's sense of smell is more than 1000 times of mankind, they will be able to distinguish the main odor in a variety of odor, so pet dog to the be fond of the smell of dog food is not the same. Humans like the taste of milk and other delicious, pet dog is more like the taste of meat flavor and xing. A lot of dog food enterprises in order to cater to the be fond of humans by using the flavor to send the dog food made from milk fragrance, but the smell of dog bad temptation, it will reduce palatability, affect the dog love of dog food.
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