Remind you need to pay attention to the food bag safety problems

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Plastic food bag products is indispensable to modern life, but on the market at present the use of food bag and some quality problems, people should be identified, avoid to use unqualified food bag. Plastic bags of raw material is plastic, the plastic is the high polymer compound, is made up of small molecule organic matter ( Monomer) Is obtained by polymerization of the product and packing, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricants, pigment additive composition and so on. According to different monomer, the currently used for food packaging plastic polyethylene ( PE) , polypropylene PP) Polyvinylidene chloride ( PVDC) And so on. If a plastic can be used for food bag, basically see monomer is toxic. Ethylene, propylene, non-toxic, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics is one of the most ideal food bag materials; And polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic monomer vinyl chloride has toxicity, polyvinyl chloride, PVC) Cannot be used as a food bag. Plastic itself is not toxic, but in heating or releases monomer in the presence of solvent, so only monomer is non-toxic and can be used as a food bag. The formal market sales packs is safe, reliable, family with no problem. But sales at night or early in the stalls, including a formal pastry shop, quite part use the plastic bags are not qualified. Many canteens also extensive use of substandard bags. And consumers do not care about, almost no one has any objection. Visible, most people wish to use is the lack of safety consciousness, or won't recognize. Whether they wish to safe and reliable, generally people are clean to distinguish whether appearance, think colorless clean is non-toxic. In fact, look from the exterior, toxic and nontoxic is no different. Stalls and pastry shop use the plastic bags are almost traders, the delivery of the safety of these plastic bags is not reliable. There are quite a part through the understanding, the raw material is recycled plastic, not used for food bag. So-called recycled plastic, is to use waste plastic by reprocessed plastic, the plastic of the composition is complicated, with respect to its source of raw material, there is no doubt that is toxic. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people use on a daily basis, but also for a liquid hot hot food like soy milk and noodles. It is not hard to imagine that under the effect of hot soya-bean milk or noodle soup, toxic ingredients how easy it is to wash it off! Users may feel use unqualified plastic bags what harm to the body, because can't feel. Little imagine, chemical poisoning and microbial harm is different, microbe poisoning is often acute symptoms, such as abdominal pain diarrhea, etc. And chemical poisoning is cumulative, which is a chronic, the harm is greater. Now, food insecurity is enough, we can't make food bag kill our health a factor. It is very easy to do, if you want to pack, please bring their own tableware.
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