Packing bags of food packaging material shelf life analysis

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Release date: packing bags of food packaging material shelf life analysis - 2020 06 - 16 packing bags of food packaging material is the basis of the food bag, carry the food labelling information, also protect the food security. No matter from which hand, packaging is crucial. Our manufacturers can provide customers with goods food packaging hygiene inspection report, it also includes the packaging is safety and health information. Actually still an important information in the packaging material storage period, more than storage period and without re-inspection is can't use, also, there is no secure safety, health, naturally. So food production enterprise for packaging product inspection report will be enough. For packaging materials such as plastic, aluminum foil is in motion, will be aging, change. For production comes out, their storage environment also have strict requirements, because the environment can affect their performance. So in the national standard for packing bags of food packaging material should be storage period. Why is due? Because of packaging material aging speed and storage environment has a great relationship, in the application of storage period can not use, can carry. Here are all kinds of packing bags of food packaging should be the shelf life of material storage period table name should be rechecked after storage life of aluminum foil PE1 years 0 1 year 2 years. 5 years PET1 years 0. PS1 year zero for five years. PP1 5 years in 0. BOPP0 for five years. 0 for five years. 3 years CPP0. 0 for five years. PE blown film 1 year 2 years 3 years BOPA1 years 0. Composite package material 0 1 year for five years. Five years when it comes to food packaging bags have a period of storage, especially many food bags are all compound bag, there are a lot of friends will ask, what if the shelf life of food more than a year. Here we should distinguish between the storage period and shelf life, there is a difference between the shelf life that most of them are can not eat again; And after a period of storage, preservation of good, most is still can use. And when food packaging seal, preserved in inner layer thin film packaging material is very good. The service life of it would be far outweigh the shelf life of packaged food. Can't take food sack packaging material should be storage period compared with food shelf life. Above is the summary for everyone's food sack packaging items about storage period, hope to have a focus on food packaging material you have help. Supplementary provisions: 1, GB/T21302 - 2007 'general principles for packaging composite film, bag, GB/T10004 - 2008 'packing plastic composite film, bag, dry compound extrusion compound,' product should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated, a comfortable temperature inside storeroom, avoid sun exposure, is apart from the heat source is not less than 1 m, stacking is reasonable. Product warranty for a period of one year from the date of production. 2,GBT 27740 - 2011 'cast polypropylene ( CPP) The film '3, QBT 1871 - The two-way stretch nylon 1993 ( BOPA) / low density polyethylene ( LDPE) Composite film bag, 20218-4, GBT The two-way stretch polyamide 2006 ( Nylon) The film '5, GBT 10003 - 2008 'general purpose two-way stretch polypropylene ( BOPP) The film '6, GBT 11115 - 2009 'polyethylene ( PE) Resin, 16958-7, GBT 2008 'wrapping two-way stretch polyester film, PET' 12671-8, GBT The polystyrene (2008 PS) Resin (12670-9, GBT The polypropylene (2008 PP) Resin (4456-10, GBT 2008 'packing polyethylene blown film' 28118-11, GBT 2011 'food packaging plastic and aluminum foil composite film, bag' on a paper, the factors influencing composite food packaging prices next article: PA/PET material vacuum packaging performance contrast
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