Food selection and use plastic bags to avoid the three big mistake!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
Plastic bags are often used in our daily life, as long as we make use of error, the correct use of plastic bags, our life is still very good. The first big mistake: plastic bags, the better the more thick, the strong in our life, we often see all kinds of plastic bags, so bags must be all right. In fact not so, plastic bags have strict standards, especially used in food packaging bags, must choose normal manufacturer production, with related department for examination and approval of qualified products. Plastic bags used for food must mark & other Used for food & throughout; With the words. To the light can see the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags is very clean, without impurities, and inferior point of plastic bags will see dirty and impurities. The thickness of the single plastic bag must be 0. More than 025 mm. Second myth: the choice of plastic packaging bags colorful color packaging beautiful plastic bags while the color is a lot of more phyletic, but when we choose to be cautious, if only for items of plastic packaging, from the consideration on the color, must choose color is simple, so at least it fewer additives. Third myth: reuse plastic bags have a lot of families have storage habit of waste plastic bags, in fact, for as long as pay attention to the cleanliness and the use of waste plastic bags is ok, but don't do the waste plastic bags used for food contact, it will produce chronic damage to our health. There are all kinds of plastic bags, but there are thousands of species, from the color that what good? We really will choose plastic bags? Although almost every day we can use plastic bags, hope you don't into the erroneous zone in selecting plastic bags.
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