Food plastic packaging printing note: ink security should not be ignored

by:Kolysen     2020-07-04
For food packaging safety, in addition to the selection of packaging materials, packaging and printing graphic printing ink used in the safety of the also nots allow to ignore. Food packaging printing graphic printing ink, is also one of the important factors that affect the packaged food security, particularly for food plastic flexible packaging. The following together and see it! According to the requirements of food safety, food packaging and printing ink should use special printing ink. Food special printing ink & throughout; Means that the composition of ink - Toner ( Paint) , link ( Resin) And solvent, it is using natural green edible or not contaminated food raw material, made of, you must ensure that the packaged food hygiene and safety. However due to the printing properties of packaging materials limited, use & other; Food special printing ink & throughout; Printing plastic film, now is still a beautiful desire or ideal. So food packaging no matter which kind of ink printing application, as long as packaged foods, food will be polluted. And packaging graphic printing ink ( Coloring) Area, the greater the color, the more ink layer thickness, the lower for food safety. The lining of the food flexible packaging material, in particular, if the barrier property is a bit poor, printing ink or by some kinds of material in the packaging will be permeable cross contamination, endangers one's personal health and safety. In short on food packaging printing ink ( Coloring) Area is larger, the more color, printing ink ink film is thicker, the lower the packaged food safety. Many similar instant noodles food plastic flexible packaging, packing and individual packing is indiscriminate in repeated printing, not only increase the cost of packaging and printing and ink use, has increased the packaging waste and unsafe hidden trouble. If you must use the packing, can choose in the packaging printing, use the item packaging printing plain coloured or transparent bag, or item packaging printing, packing with no printing text and images of transparent plastic bags. Doing this can not only cut down the cost of packing, and can reduce the dosage of the printing ink, environmentally friendly at the same time, can improve the safety of the packaging and also conducive to protect the safety of food.
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