To tell you how to detect the aluminum foil adhesive coating

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Tell you how to detect the aluminum foil adhesive coating release date: 2019 - 07 - 12 in aluminum foil bag composite aluminum foil compound bag, aluminium foil printing surface protective agent, and the other side coated adhesive, adhesive coating is uniform, with and without leakage besmear will directly affect the blister packaging and quality, the sealing performance. Simple identification method: in the place with enough light, with the naked eye observation, if found to have a clear status of straight stripe or very short straight horizontal stripes of the break is the unqualified products. Very smooth adhesive level of qualified products shall be no defects. Detection and quantitative methods: use one over ten thousand analytical balance, | take 100 mm * 100 mm in the finished product sample 5 pieces, each weighing, reoccupy ethyl acetate, butanone, or other solvents to wipe the adhesives, weighing again: the quality is the difference between the amount of coating, and the average of the five pieces of coating weight, each piece of the differences between the coating weight and average should not greater than & plusmn; 10%. In addition, the glue layer thick degree of influence on the rate of adhesion fastness, besmear glue layer too thin, hot-pressing PVC plate, due to the lack of material and reduce the bonding fastness. Heat sealing device is used to detect alloy layer heat sealing strength can decide whether to meet the quality requirements. The previous: plastic flexible packaging bags breakage under the solution of an article: manufacturer to tell you how to pick food vacuum bag
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