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by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
Into the spring, lots of people are easy to spring, fire cause upset minded, because the temperature change is bigger, also is very easy to cause some diseases such as colds, causing some liver infection, so into the spring, the reasonable protecting liver nourishing the liver, remove something, is conducive to the health of the body for a whole year. Then the spring nourishing the liver to eat what good? Spring of nourishing the liver will eat three kinds of dried fruit, raisins, 1 eat the grapes can nourish Yin nourishing the liver, let oneself have a good color. The weak, eat, and as a tonic. If it is not the season of grape production, eat some raisins can also have very good nourishing the liver function. Of grape fruit acid can help digestion, increase appetite, prevent the incidence of fatty liver after hepatitis. An important source of iron raisins is hepatitis patients. As part of their daily diet, can match the raisins and glutinous rice porridge, dietotherapy function is admirable. But due to the high sugar, so afraid of fat, diabetes, should eat less easy have loose bowels, suggest 1 day don't eat more than half the amount of the palm of your hand. 2, dry mulberry mulberry stem as well as into the feed, and can be used as a medicine, traditional Chinese medicine thinks mulberries flavour is acerbity, small cold, into the heart, liver, kidney, nourishing and strong, yangxin longan fruit. Mulberry stem have nourish Yin blood tonic effect, can the Yin of the kidney, applicable to the liver and kidney Yin deficiency constitution, the most suitable for high blood pressure patients. General advice to mulberry dry cook porridge to eat, with 30 grams of mulberry, 60 g glutinous rice, rock candy, right amount, mulberry clean first, cook with glutinous rice, after waiting for cooked, add in rock sugar. The porridge can nourishing liver Yin, nourishing blood and eyesight, eat a bowl of mulberries porridge can not only increase the daily, still can hairdressing, applicable to the liver and kidney deficiency caused by dizziness, insomnia, much dream, tinnitus, lumbar acid back white and so on, but if pregnant. 3, walnut kernel, walnut is rich in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins, nutrition is the most comprehensive, nourishing the liver kidney, runchang purge role. Walnuts contain lecithin is higher, can maintain normal metabolism of cells, prevent brain cells of a recession, is good brain food. Phospholipids in choline can promote fat metabolism of liver cells, so as to reduce the degree of fatty liver. Walnuts contain more fat, eating will affect the digestion, so should not eat too much at a time, many food can cause diarrhea. In addition, when eating to preserve nutrition also shoulds not be peeled off on the surface of the walnut kernel brown thin skin. For nuts back to home, if can eat in the short term, it should be partial shipments into small bags in the moisture-proof packaging, stored in a freezer refrigerated or frozen indoor.
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