Food sack the cause of aging and preservation techniques

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Food packaging preservation techniques and the reason of aging release date: 2019 - 03 - 19 food plastic bags is closely related to our life, there is no can completely replace the products, but you know how much of it? Know how to prevent it from aging? About the issue below introduce you to food packaging bags to prevent aging technique. 1, food plastic bags in the natural environment under the condition of direct sunlight, a week after the intensity fell by about 25%, after two weeks will decline about 40%, basically can not use. That is to say, the plastic bags storage takes care of the problem is very important. 2, packages after packing the goods in the outdoor environment affected by direct sunlight, strength fell sharply, so try to avoid direct sunlight. 3, reworked material too much to participate in and promote plastic bags is one of the reasons for aging. 4 high temperature in the process of survey, bags or encounter rain, will result in its intensity drops, and then reach maintenance within the quality requirements of the item, so in peacetime should avoid high temperature and rain wash. Why the previous: food packaging bags into sawtooth mouth next article: giant multi-layer composite features and functions of self-supporting bag
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