Food packaging testing method is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Food packaging testing method introduced release date: 2019 - 05 - 22 for the masses, to the correct selection and use of qualified food grade bags, note the following: 1, used for food packaging packaging should be Chinese label, including name, production site of factory, product name, and in the clear label foods with words. Once the products are with quality certificate. Arguably, this is the most intuitive confirm that used for food packaging qualified means. 2, food made with bag factory should be odourless tasteless, if you have special smell, cut can not be used in food packaging. 3, packaging materials to avoid and coatings. If only in order to keep the packing beautiful and use a lot of paint coating materials, there is no need. This is not only add coatings increased the difficulty of the packaging material recycling, reuse, but also is the most toxic coating material itself. At the same time, the plating process will cause pollution to the environment, do not accord with the concept of sustainable development strategy. 4, according to the concept of sustainable development strategy, in selecting food packaging can choose green packaging materials, such as biodegradable plastics. 5, colored bags should not be used for food packaging. According to the above mentioned, although on how to correctly choose and use qualified food packaging bags have roughly understanding, but still want to further identify non-toxic food packaging material on hand? It doesn't matter, there are a few methods can easily try: flooding method: the plastic bag into the water, if not poisonous, packaging can emerge; On the other hand, the bags will not rise. If touching: direct touch bags, packaging bags have lubrication feeling, non-toxic; On the other hand, the toxic. Take play: will grab bag hung up, the flap forcibly, if can ringing noise, show bags non-toxic; Toxic conversely. Burning method: packaging can be cut off a corner of lighting, if its easy burning non-toxic; Toxic conversely. Ingenious use of the said notice point and method, can help you choose in life right food packaging bags. The previous: the production of aluminum foil bag attention next article: aluminum foil bag vacuum main material is introduced
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