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by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
Recently, the Shanghai subway when a woman on the subway by eating pickled chilli chicken feet by discouraging to discourage passengers after harsh rhetoric and critical red network. Similarly, when a man take the subway in guangzhou all the way into hard seeds, sunflower seeds everywhere vomit, taken by netizens. Some netizens call let & other; Shanghai type female & throughout; And & other Guangzhou melon seeds elder brother & throughout; As a pair of, suitable. Along the road to eat melon seeds to vomit shell is not civilized behavior, should be stopped. Itself, but in seeds nuts food eat a lot of good to the body. Nuts is necessary when idle office white-collar small snacks, because nuts are rich in dietary fiber and various beneficial fatty acids, is to raise colour, thin body kidney health and anti-aging, according to statistics, Chinese people prefer the ratio is 20% higher than the world average level of nuts, nuts, loved by people. So, is our common nuts nutritional value? The fruit of the antidepressant: sunflower sunflower seeds contain & beta; Carotene, can prevent the lower human body skin cell necrosis, can make the hair soft and beautiful. Vitamin B8, can cure depression, nervous breakdown. Preserve one's health of treasure: walnut contemporary master of natural therapy recommended by Dr. Morrison has strong heart food walnuts. According to the measurement, every 100 grams of walnut, fat 50 ~ 64 grams, fat in walnut 71% linoleic acid, 12% were linolenic acid, protein for 15 ~ 20 g, protein also for high quality protein, fat and protein in walnut is the best nutrients in the brain. Sugar for 10 grams, and contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, riboflavin ( Vitamin B2) , vitamin B6, vitamin E, walnut leaf quinone, phospholipids, tannic acid and other nutrients. The fruit of the kidney: chestnut chestnut are rich in dietary fibre soft. Spleen and stomach, kidney strong heart. Low glycemic index than rice, a person with diabetes can appropriate taste. Every day to eat only 6 ~ 7. TCM holds that chestnut cure kidney empty, waist and leg weakness is best. But to eat many easy to stomach uncomfortable. Cancer: is the fruit of almond almond glucoside of enzyme action generates a natural anti-cancer substances, can selectively destroy cancer cells. Bitter apricot kernel cough asthma, there is little poison. Sweet almond management tonic, non-toxic, runfei slippery bowel, lower cholesterol, suitable for infirm old man. The fruit of the heart: pistachios pistachio nuts are high nutrition food, every 100 nuts contain vitamin A20 micrograms, 59 micrograms of folic acid, iron 3 mg, phosphorus 440 mg, potassium 970 mg, 270 mg of sodium, calcium 120 mg, also contains niacin, pantothenic acid, minerals, etc. Seeds oil content of up to 45. 1%. Because of the happy fruit is rich in oil, so has the role of runchang purge, helps the body detoxification. Pistachios are nourishing food medicine, it taste sweet non-toxic, warm the kidney and spleen, has been beneficial is deficient, the qi, can treat neurasthenia, edema, anemia, malnutrition, chronic diarrhea, etc. Happy has high quantity of heat, and contains more fat, people who are afraid of fat, high blood fat people should eat less. Longevity: is the fruit of the fat composition of pine nut pine nuts is oleic acid and linolenic acid, have fall blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent caused by cholesterol heighten the effect of cardiovascular disease. Generally speaking, childhood and youth trend of increased blood pressure, increased with age. So, the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure to grab from baby, so that we can get twice the result with half the effort effect. Memory: is the fruit of the quantity of heat of the emphasis here is on the raw peanuts, peanut and not making Fried peanuts, is not recommended to eat this overly processed peanuts, not only high heat is easy to get fat and easy to cause internal heat. Weight loss factor is not saturated fatty acid in peanut, this substance can promote the metabolism of body fat, and rich in vitamin E, and K can promote cell metabolism, peanuts in the fiber content is very high, so the full abdomen feeling is very strong. The fruit of the insecticidal: pumpkin seed pumpkin seeds is the world recognized natural insecticidal food, on the body of schistosomiasis, tapeworm, hookworm larvae have very strong exterminate action, to keep the body healthy and circulating metabolism is very important. Pumpkin seeds at the same time has the pumpkin natural fall blood pressure fall hematic fat ingredients, for the three tenors of oil obesity and cardiovascular disease, is very suitable for edible species. Health tip: according to the American doctor health research project survey of twenty thousand men after investigation to the characteristics of the consumption of nuts, the accuracy of the results showed that eating at least twice a week, every time an ounce of nuts people more likely to die of heart attack, according to those who don't eat nuts had a 47% lower. That means eating more than twice a week nuts can reduce the risk of fatal heart disease.
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