Summary of PE plastic raw material classification

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
PE plastic bags are a lot of raw materials are available, such as flat printing material has good absorbency, apply to the scanner. Flat printing materials are famous for their surface cleaning, is the best choice for high quality images and bar code printing. Anti-clogging raw material: it is a kind of unstable rough paper, has good resistance to dirty, apply to the uneven surface. Super viscosity of the raw material is very durable, often as a retail prices of the goods with labels. But it has one drawback: it is not easy to stick to the surface of the product. Other raw material classification is as follows: 1, casting coating raw materials, is a kind of pure white printing paper with high gloss, it is mainly used for advertising and packaging label. In PE plastic bags on the coating raw materials have to be very careful, because may cause ink stains. 2, mark the material: this is a very stiff grey paper, commonly used in the shelf tags, ID tags, lapel badges and other rigid material need. Made from the raw material label from PE plastic bags to be very careful when backing paper surface separation, because the raw material once curl, it is difficult to flatten. 3, fluorescent materials: also called & other; Bai Guangze & throughout; Raw material, there are many kinds of bright fluorescent color. The raw materials are commonly used to stress the importance of file. Laminated or solid foil material: is composed of a thin layer of metal foil laminated to the paper is formed on the base. This kind of raw material in the dark or bright metal products can often be seen. 4, the computer can be used to printing of polyester raw materials: oil, heat, moisture, abrasion, and most commercial solvents have good resistance. The raw materials are often used to need a great deal of durability of the environment, such as signs of some equipment. 5, vinyl material: it is a kind of durable universal nonporous plastic, can be used on the surface of grease, oil, water and chemical raw materials. But it's hard to ethylene raw material printing, because of the offset and letterpress printing ink on the surface of PE plastic dry slowly. In many cases are replace ethylene with polypropylene.
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