Chinese wolfberry bags to choose strategy

by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
As wolfberry mature, the company's center of gravity, began gradually transferred to the sales to the packing of the Chinese wolfberry, whether it is electric business platform of online and offline entities shop, product packaging, marketing, this is cannot careless, below is according to different user types, to introduce the Chinese wolfberry bags to choose strategy. A, do spot spot is packaging manufacturer can be taken directly was ready to finished product, industry as & other; General version & throughout; Packaging, in addition to printing pattern, its characteristic is no trademark, nutritional ingredients. If you want to make private identity, you may need to additional custom sticker in the surface of the bag. Suitable for consumer products, is not conducive to the establishment of the brand. The packing bag of spot is easy to find, in each big electric business platform, the only difference is that in terms of quality. Choose a place: 1. Sure good product specifications, the spot generally can provide gram weight, packaging manufacturers are generally based on experience to provide us with the same capacity under the different size. 2. Find multiple manufacturers, no size or a personal agent, we do not consider that the first thing to look at the production workshop, packing bags of food grade production workshop minimum requirements to achieve clean workshop, if it is the packing bag of medical class requires dust-free workshop production, by browsing manufacturers therefore open production workshop pictures, we can roughly know the manufacturer. 3. Select a few intention goods, communicate with customer service and ask for the sample bag, after get the sample bag, we first touch the bag surface is smooth, chiral material has a problem, if you compare luo food grade material is very smooth not luo hands, followed by observing the surface of the bag to see if there is other impurities or bubbles, if there are impurities then printing workshop environment is bad, appear bubbles which showed that the composite has a problem, easily layered packaging bags. After packaging products will leak, be affected with damp be affected with damp, thus affecting the product quality. Finally we want to test the strength of the packaging, on the sample bag with 2 times more than the product grams of water or sand, from the height of the two meters fall, see if packaging sealing side, the packing bag of general quality is poorer, falling from a height will directly torn bags behind. The purpose of this test is to prevent the product in the process of storage and transportation occurs the phenomenon of torn bags, eventually leading to the user experience is bad, affect the market result evaluation. 4. After all the test qualified, we can to purchase a large number of, the characteristics of the spot is the delivery date is faster, because it is ready to finished product, saves the time needed for processing, packaging is better, not much of a problem, can consider to take the goods for a long time, to establish a fixed suppliers. Second, do the custom custom is including bag printing, size, material, thickness, etc. , the cost of the custom is divided into version of expenses and expenses of bag two modules. Edition fee is according to personal customized design to print, have uniqueness, others cannot be used, a design of the packaging bags will only print, according to the color into more version can use how long depends on the version of the quality, with the longer the more cost-effective, the product has a fixed, has established a reputation and brand effect, cost will reduce accordingly. Custom suit to have mature brand. The choose and buy a place: ditto filter manufacturer spot, 2, 3 steps in the custom need to provide additional information as follows: 1. Determine the delivery date, customized delivery slower than the spot delivery, belong to the order, order material production, there are 15 ~ 20 days, if it is peak season may be longer. So let's set aside in the process of production and processing time. 2. Confirm the bag type, generally we through browsing the web or follow others do better products, through the screenshots to packaging manufacturer, the manufacturer will inform relevant bag type. 3. Product size is determined, a unwritten custom guild regulations, manufacturers generally do not offer the size, this needs to negotiate with the manufacturer, the product to do g with packaging manufacturer instructions, then packing bag factory will arrange the samples to come over fitting, fitting effect is best, right not appropriate to be clear at a glance, if not, can make the appropriate adjustments. Specific dimensions can be reference for the introduction of the food bag size do much appropriate. 4. Determine the collocation of material, the material is generally based on functional purpose to determine, such as Chinese wolfberry bags need to be sealed container can choose PET doing basic materials of high air tightness, the outer material more, which has two kinds of matte film and light film. Material collocation bag manufacturers tend to give a reasonable proposal, or you can do according to the sample bag. 5. The thickness is simpler, can be directly ask packaging manufacturer or refer to the sample bag. 6. Wait for accounting offer, the offer is based on the content, size, material, printing parameters such as thickness, tax accounting, the price is right, the order production. Note: 1. Custom packaging file changes will be more, in order to avoid error, each change the chat record and correspondence E-mail must be kept well. 2. Manufacturer of packaging labeling changes file to look at, if not satisfied to timely communication, to avoid subsequent trouble unnecessarily.
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