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by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Packing since the development of human civilization, is closely related with people's life has been, whether rigid package or flexible packaging. Long ago people haven't mastered derived from petroleum plastics as a packaging technology, mostly as a container to use a metal, porcelain, plants, such as bronze, aluminum, ceramics, willows, bamboo, banana, gourd, lotus leaf, etc. Until October 1902, the Austrian scientist Max & middot; Shu ShiNi invented plastic bags, this kind of packing item is light and strong, solved the rigid package is not portable, that make people feel whole body easily when out shopping, don't need to carry anything, because the shop, the market has to prepare free plastic soft packing bags. Is a revolution of science and technology at the time, because has the advantages of portability, then was made from a variety of plastic packaging ( Including rigid package has involved) 。 Development to today, the application of flexible packaging bags more and more mature, including rich content of printing, using multilayer plastic composite technology to improve the performance of the flexible packaging bags, vacuum technology is used on the composite flexible packaging. 。 。 。 Environmental pollution the rise of emerging technology the purpose is to solve the problems existing in the traditional technology, also in the old and new technology in the process of iteration, the result of is not is to the good direction. Environmental pollution brought by the plastic flexible packaging bags also can't be ignored, because the plastic products have a relatively stable chemical properties and physical properties, molecular structure, so it is not an easy degradation plastic flexible packaging products or broken down into carbon dioxide and water. And today's plastic flexible packaging bags is widely used in all walks of life are involved, after the use of plastic is bad, this is undoubtedly poses a great burden to the social environment. Because of this, our country have long put forward the use of plastic flexible packaging, plastic ban macro-control. The future development of flexible packaging bags can provide great convenience to people's life, plays a very important & other; A prospective & throughout; Role. Small to everywhere, such as disposable chopsticks, disposable toothbrush can say the present people's life is inseparable from the flexible packaging container. And environmental pollution problems seem to have found a solution, that is using biodegradable plastic material as the basis of flexible packaging bags, at present the mature of biodegradable plastic has PBAT, PLA, biodegradable plastic decomposition bacteria and light oxidation environment, into the small molecules such as water, carbon dioxide and methane, but the penetration and functional aspects of the problem is still to be solved. Believe in the near future, will be developed better alternative!
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