What's the reason why bags custom cycle is very long

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
With the improvement of people's living standard, people's consumption choice is more and more tend to fashion sense, the grade feeling, novel feeling, therefore the manufacturer on the packaging of investment is also increasing, especially in consumer products, the packaging iteration is more frequent. Compared with the ordinary version of the bag, customize packaging bag type, material, size, thickness, printing can be adjusted according to the customer's demand, is not a public version of the bag that is fixed, can get customer is good, can not use words couldn't change ( Including printing) , but the most troubling is bags, customized cycle is very long, this is because & hellip; A, the early stage of the communication ( The price) Bag is the price of custom need according to the size, material, thickness, bag type, process and content of printing to accounting cost and fees for bag. Any change of a parameter to accounting prices. If size bag type not sure need to send sample bag after fitting to accounting the price, the time required, 1 ~ 2 days) 2, confirm the print version of the fee of layout, is related to print the color collocation, for as much as possible to help customers to save the version, we first layout on the source files, will give some advice to clients, in the process and adjust. The time required (probably 1 ~ 2 days) Three production process by a customised version, order, production, printing, composite, curing, bag making, quality inspection, etc. , the time needed for about 15 days or so. If demand changes in a particular period, the time will be longer, but because of custom products every link is idea and experience together, elaborate, that makes people love again. Ps: why can't the packing bag of the male version here to tell you about change printing, now in the market circulation of bags, such as food packaging bags, rice bags, face film bags, etc. , are composite bags, is the gravure printing is used in ( Side) Printing, outside a layer of light composite film or dumb film again, so can't be for secondary processing and printing.
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