What is the difference between the material of kraft paper bags with?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
Packing kraft paper bagis very many, see you need is packing the products, general packing kraft paper is will be very full wood pulp packaging kraft paper, kraft paper, wood pulp, if you need a little bag heavy things, so you can use thicker gram kraft paper, if it is a small package with a little thin. Kraft paper, wrapping paper, features: full wood pulp kraft paper, wrapping paper, tension is very good, don't pull it off, colour and lustre is uniform, is also very resistant to wear and tear if you need to printing LOGO, packing outside that can use the wood pulp, kraft paper bagand all-wood kraft paper bagprinted effect is very good. Strain generally half wood pulp, kraft paper, colour and lustre is very general, if the appearance without any requirements, you can use half a wood pulp kraft paper.
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