What are the vacuum packing bags of raw materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
It is well known that vacuum bags can be effective to keep food for a long time the original color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional value. Vacuum bags not only have the function that oxygen with good quality, at the same time also has the compressive strength, cut off the air, and maintaining the nature of the original product. The packing bag of different material, will have different functions. So, do vacuum packing bag is what material? 1. Material: aluminum foil material for PET/AL/CPE or PET/NY/AL/CPE. The PET - - The printing effect is good, NY - - Oxygen permeability is low, AL - The barrier property of strong, opaque, CPE - - The inner packing. This product has good anti-static, oxygen insulation, shielding, moistureproof, shading function and excellent heat sealing. Vacuum aluminum foil bag in food, electronics, chemical and other industries widely used, because raw material is more expensive aluminum foil itself, so the cost of the vacuum will be higher 2. Material: nylon process: co-extrusion co-extrusion nylon bag by PA, EVOH resin composition, such as PE, PP, TIE, adopting the combination of the symmetric or asymmetric structure. Because the PA and EVOH to join, not only greatly improve the multilayer film on oxygen barrier property and fragrance, composite peel strength, resistance to environment and preservation storage period. 3. Material: nylon process: compound forms: three edge-sealing nylon compound bag to use material of nylon co-extrusion, PVC/PE, PET/PE, NY/PVDC, PVDC, PP/PE/PVDC main difference is in the process of composite laminated bags generally consists of base material, glue, and barrier materials, heat sealing materials, printing and protective coatings, etc. Commonly used composite membrane structure is: the surface/glue layer 1 / cat/intermediate blocking layer in the layer 2 / nylon composite lining heat sealing layer is through the combined with machine one layer composite together, need to add the glue in the middle. But because of this, also is one of the biggest drawbacks of nylon composite is dry weather, especially in the winter, vacuum break down rate will be much higher. 4. Material: PE bag is PE market is the most widely used a plastic film, the price is cheap, because of its high PE membrane permeability, small seal, if used as a vacuum bag broken rate.
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