What are the kinds of kraft paper? Kraft paper bags

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
The essence of kraft paper bagusually keep their tan, for bags and wrapping paper, etc. According to the difference of the properties and USES, kraft paper, and a variety of different purposes. is a kind of paper referred to, there is no certain specifications. General different classified according to their properties and USES: according to the different colors can be divided into: unbleached kraft paper, kraft paper, white kraft paper, matt kraft paper, single photon kraft paper, double color kraft paper, etc. According to the different purposes of can be divided into: packaging kraft paper, moisture-proof, waterproof kraft paper bagkraft paper, rust kraft paper, play version of kraft paper, kraft paper, insulating kraft paper board, kraft stickers, etc. According to the material of different can be divided into: renewable kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, coarse surface, cowhide compound wax paper, wood pulp, kraft paper, kraft paper, etc
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