What are the advantages kraft paper valve bag: renewable kraft paper?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
Regeneration is kraft paper, kraft paper manufacturer highly recommended in recent years, regeneration of kraft paper & other; Regeneration & throughout; The word is the selling point. Renewable kraft paper, kraft paper and virgin pulp class one of the biggest difference is that the source of the material, generally speaking, the renewable kraft paper mainly comes from the waste of raw materials, after continuous separation and purification procedures to produce. Renewable kraft paper is, as it were, the secondary energy. It is also a renewable kraft paper environmental protection aspect. Renewable kraft paper with waste paper as raw materials, waste recycling, has the characteristics of low energy at the same time, according to the analysis: renewable kraft paper can save wood 3 cubic meters per ton, 1 section coal. 2 tons, power saving 600 degrees, 100 cubic meters of water saving, saving 300 kg chemical raw materials. And renewable kraft paper is light pollution in the process of production, compared with the original wood pulp paper, save a lot of process, also reduce the air pollution.
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