What are main products to Kolysen Packaging?
The main product - gold foil paper from Kolysen Packaging Integration Co.,LTD. is characterized by ISO9001. It is fabricated with the best materials and components. Because of our outstanding manufacturing ability, dependable QC testing procedures, and adequate production capability, our company might always guarantee perfect results for orders for this product and timely delivery to our customers.

Having an advanced manufacturing line, Kolysen includes a mature production technology. The aluminum foil packaging series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Kolysen foil packaging suppliers is made of high quality and durable raw materials which undergo strict screening procedures. This product is antistatic and will not attract dust. Kolysen has taken the lead in manufacturing aluminum foil packaging among the industry. This product has a remarkable effect on increasing brand awareness and good's selling points.

Our responsibility to the environment is clear. Throughout the entire production processes, we will consume as little materials and energy such as electricity as possible, as well as increase the recyclability rate of the products. Get an offer!
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