We need to know the common sense of food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
In daily life, the close relationship of the food packaging and food had been cognition by people. Department stores, supermarkets or each family everywhere beautifully designed, practical and convenient food packaging. In fact, food packaging, like food of close-fitting clothing, it not only plays a protection to prevent external factors on the food pollution or damage to the role, and facilitate the storage, transportation and food sales. In most cases, food packaging unique beautiful appearance is also in order to attract the attention of consumers, consumers purchase desire. Food packaging has become a modern society an integral part of the food. So, what is food packaging materials? Food packaging materials and containers is refers to the packaging, cheng fang food, paper, bamboo, metal, porcelain enamel, ceramics, plastics, rubber, natural fiber, chemical fiber, glass products, including paint and food contact. International general food packaging, food containers, and used in food processing of auxiliary materials, equipment, tools and all food contact materials and products are collectively referred to as food contact materials. At present our country allows the use of more kinds of food containers, packaging materials, mainly has the following seven: 1, plastic products, such as plastic bottles, disposable plastic lunch boxes, disposable plastic cups, etc. 2, rubber products, Including natural rubber, synthetic rubber) , such as the pacifier, pressure cooker sealing washer, etc. ; 3, ceramics, enamel products, such as ceramic, enamel, glass tableware, etc. ; 4, aluminum, stainless steel, iron products, such as aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel pot, pot POTS, etc. ; 5, glass products, such as glass tableware, glass cup, etc. ; 6, paper products, such as disposable paper cup, food packaging box, etc. ; 7, composite film products: such as composite film bag, etc. Different material of food packaging materials because of its material have their different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, such as plastics and lighter, cheaper metals is not easy to broken, and plant fiber paper easy degradation and so on. But no matter choose which kind of food container or packaging materials can ignore its damage to the food may thus cause harm to human body health of the fundamental principles. Different material hidden trouble in security of food container or packaging products is also different. Metal kitchen utensils and tableware such as aluminum, stainless steel, iron and other products are the main problems in the process of cooking food, due to the improper use or the quality problem of the operation kitchen utensils and appliances, causing heavy metal nickel, chromium, cadmium, lead migration into food; Ceramic products are the main problems existed of lead and cadmium migration quantity to exceed bid. Plant products such as natural fiber and paper products are mainly microbial contamination or sulfur dioxide overweight problems. In order to ensure the safety of using food packaging materials, not only in China, respectively, for each type of food packaging materials and its products has a strict national food safety standards, at the same time, allows you to use for food packaging materials processing AIDS also formulated the corresponding use of standard, the use of each kind of processing aid scope and usage are carried on the strict limit. As long as production enterprises in strict accordance with national standards for choice of our country allows the use of food packaging materials and processing AIDS, and in accordance with good manufacturing practice for production and processing, the product will conform to the requirements of the national standards, will not harm to consumers' health.
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