Special-shaped bag can do matte

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20
Special-shaped bag can do matte, the answer is & other; Throughout the &; , special-shaped bag is independent of the conventional three autoregulating, four autoregulating, self-reliance bag, eight edge-sealing bag type a, as you can see special-shaped lines radian modelling more than conventional packaging bags can suck person eyeball, has strong promotion effect. Abnormity bag because of unique personality is distinct, gives us a kind of independent the illusion of the conventional packing bags, in fact, as long as we observe carefully you will find that they have in common, are made by three autoregulating, four autoregulating, self-reliance bag, eight edge-sealing bag is derived, and so on the production process is the same, so the combination of material and the packing bag of conventional no difference, from the inner layer ( Heat sealing layer) Compounded, middle layer and outer layer. Material can be free collocation, I want to be dumb light effect or light effect can be. Three edge-sealing abnormity bag ( Figure 1. 0) As shown in figure 1. 0 see abnormity bag is derived by the 3-side, besides sealing knife mold is different, the same but make it matte effect and increase the pull chain. Aliens, self-reliance bag ( Figure 1. 1) Figure 1. 1 is derived by independent packaging, can do window technique, UV process, hot stamping process, etc. Eight edge-sealing special-shaped bag ( Figure 1. 2) Figure 1. 2 is derived by eight autoregulating, eight edge-sealing abnormity bag possesses the advantages of stable stand made sauce packaging user experience better!
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