Self-supporting bag in the use and development of flexible packaging industry, will see!

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
People on the purchasing power of the FMCG continue to increase, FMCG market rapidly turn together also led to the rise of flexible packaging operations. Now the type of packaging and use is very broad, with good packing also can establish the good image of the product, the competitiveness of the travel products, and then promote the product sales. A variety and the use of advantage clothing, self-reliance bag, self-supporting bag self-supporting bag metal packaging food packaging has a lot of self-supporting bag packing of the products classification, according to the technical classification, can be divided into: waterproof moisture-proof packaging, packing, mouldproof, modified atmosphere packaging, quick-frozen packing, breathable, microwave sterilization packaging, sterile packaging, plastic packaging, vacuum packaging, DNA packaging, blister packaging, packaging, stretch packaging, cooking bags, packaging, etc. The above all kinds of bags are made of different composite materials, the packaging features is corresponding to the requirements of different products, can effectively adhere to the quality of the product itself and the function of the safe. Self-supporting bag is considered to be classic modern packaging, is also a kind of relatively new measures for the packaging of the travel product level, strengthening the shelves visual effect, with the concise, convenient use, waterproof moistureproof prevent oxidation and sealing and so on many aspects has an advantage. Self-supporting bag on type can be divided into general and self-reliance bags, suction nozzle self-reliance bags, self-supporting zipper bags, imitation mouth self-reliance bags, special-shaped self-reliance bag five. First used in juice beverages, condiments, clothing accessories, hardware electronics, cleaning supplies, cosmetics and other products. Self-reliance bag packaging products for customers is very convenient, because it is plastic bags, it has the quality of light, it is not easy to damage characteristic. Add zip/post other bone self-supporting bag can be repeated use of suction nozzle self-supporting bag make it easier for food poured out, exquisite printing can be more conducive to product to attract customers attention. Generally self-supporting bag made by PET/FOIL/PET/PE laminated structure, also can have other specifications such as 2, 3 layer material. According to the packing of different products, can add the oxygen insulation cover according to the demand, reduced oxygen transmission rate, extended shelf life period of the product. General self-supporting bag and general way of self-supporting bag to choose four sealing side, not from a closed and repeated open; With a suction nozzle self-reliance bag more convenient dumping or cause contents, can then be reproduced from a closed and open together, can be thought of as the combination of self-supporting bag and general bottle; Imitation mouth self-reliance bag combines with a suction nozzle self-reliance bag cheap, convenience and general self-supporting bag by itself in the shape of the end of suction nozzle bag body function, but self-supporting bag cannot repeat in imitation of a mouth sealing rev. ; Abnormity self-supporting bag is according to the demand of the product, on the basis of the conventional bag type change happened new self-supporting bag of various shapes, such as waist, deformation at the bottom of the planning, handle planning and so on. Second, self-supporting bag three common quality problem 1, self-supporting bag, let the cat out of the self-supporting bag leakage reason first lies in two aspects of composite material selection and heat sealing strength. 2, material selection of self-supporting bag material selection is very important to prevent leakage, intent is trudging outer and center barrier layer, barrier layer and heat sealing material between the peel strength and heat sealing strength of the bag. So the demand from the film on the surface of the composite surface tension is necessary more than 38 dyn/cm; The inner heat sealing film of low temperature heat sealing function better, the surface tension on the cover of the heat necessary less than 34 dyn/cm; Should choose connection function good ink, in addition, the high solid content and low viscosity sticky mixture, high purity of the organic solvent. 3, heat sealing strength, low heat sealing strength is one of the important factors influencing self-supporting bag leakage. To adjust heat sealing heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time of the match. Especially pay attention to according to different structure bag heat sealing temperature, due to the melting point of different varieties of plastic film, heat sealing temperature is different; Heat sealing shoulds not be too great pressure, heat sealing time also shoulds not be too long, preventing macromolecular degradation, heat sealing layer under the high temperature molten state by heat sealing knife cut, make the seal strength decreased. In addition, four layers that accumulate self-supporting bag the bottom of the bag sealing is the most crucial parts, to the abundant experiments validated that can confess to heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time. In the actual production process, should according to the different requirements of contents of self-supporting bag do leak test. The most simple and practical method is, into a certain volume of air inside the bag, the mouth of heat sealing is good, in a basin of water, different parts of the squash with the hand bag, without air bubbles escape, explain the bag sealing good in sealing; Otherwise should timely adjust the flat parts of the heat sealing temperature and pressure. Built-in self-supporting bag of liquid to be treated with caution, more available extrusion and drop method to detect whether the leakage, such as in filling a certain amount of water in the bag, seal mouth, according to GB/T1005 - 1998 overvoltage withstand test methods. Drop test method also can be reference to the above standards. Type 2, bag uneven flatness is one of the indicators to measure the appearance quality of the bag.
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