Meet - Beef jerky brown paper bag

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
Meet - Beef jerky release time: a brown paper bag - 2020 05 - 26 it is a high 27. 8 cm wide 20 cm of kraft paper bagbags, kraft paper, is one of its material, to summarize its characteristics, it also has multiple attributes, such as window bag, vacuum bag, food bag, plastic bag, compound bag, etc. , its material and extinction film, high pressure PE, etc. , the characteristics of customer's requirements for vacuum, kraft paper, open the window, meet the requirement of the vacuum is depend on the high pressure PE material and sealing technology, and kraft paper is satisfying customers' preferences and meat packaging for packing appearance of beautiful, open the window is the beef jerky, allows customers to see inside the previous: high-temperature cooking bags of fracture analysis: next article 5 kg packing bags of rice fragrant flowers meter is introduced
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