Manufacturers in the text printing packaging need to pay attention to what?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
Food packaging manufacturers need to pay attention to when designing the outer packing?

1, opaque food packaging bags, in the choice of words, can according to the conventional coloring to consider.

2, single-layer polyethylene packaging: because it is transparent, can consider with the contents as China printing complementary color, the color of the information content of color we can develop as a design background, as an ornament or color ( The window color) Can, as long as it depends on your design teaching style.

3, the color of the liquid products can be used in flexible packaging background color, such as milk, soy milk, fruit juice.

color is not good for flexible packaging, large solid particles project background, such as dried fruit preserves, the packaging advice on a transparent window on the packaging for a transparent window, or printed on the version of opaque color, on the back of the printed text, make content is transparent. 。

5, bar code must be marked contrast against the background of, can't use the content as the background, in order to avoid to read code cannot be read.

6, in the case of as much as possible, the color will look realistic, but the cost will go up, of course, the premise is able to bear the production cost.

7, text color, not separately listed in the design of other additive.

8, commodity name, can be larger, but still we have to look at the size of the bag, can also through artistic processing, namely society do text for deformation ability and so on.

9, narrative may be small but not less than 2. 5 mm, otherwise invisible.

10, all of the text and background color contrast should be larger, in order to clear.

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