Kraft paper valve bag: how to check the quality of kraft paper carton

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
Check the pros and cons of kraft paper carton can through the following methods: 1, the weight of the cartons each specification has its minimum weight, weight is not only that material is rough, with makings. Teach everyone a hard Numbers, if manufacturers are marked 12 three layer carton weight is 35 g, it must be the following paper carton board paper, usually in the form of tea board paper, never is kraft paper, pay attention to see if the standard weight and sample. At this time to pay attention to a problem: a lot of manufacturers to carton testing is very heavy, but in the oven to get out again, the wind blows it away. 2, real must look the cartons to scrutinize paper belong to which kind of, corrugated belong to which kind of, whether to have printing, what kind of glue nail situation. 3, the transportation to nearby to buy, best buy carton small carton manufacturers general budget for production. ( After receive orders to buy materials, processing production; Remote buy whatever go what kind of transportation mode cannot meet the delivery in time, and easy to cause the cartons, wear, be affected with damp be affected with damp in long-distance transportation, etc. 4, see price price is mainly two aspects, one is to profit for their goods, in control of their packaging costs; The second is to use their own standard price to verify the process capability of manufacturer, to believe his eyes, while saving costs do not covet petty gain.
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