Anti-static aluminum foil bag, to you have characteristics

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Anti-static aluminum foil bag, to you have the characteristics of release time: 2019 - 07 - 05 many users do not understand the features and functions of anti-static aluminum foil bag, detailed explain for everybody today anti-static characteristics of aluminum foil bag, anti-static aluminum foil bag electrostatic voltage is electrostatic potential of a charged body surface point and a specified reference point ( Usually to) The difference in value between potential. Because usually will take zero potential, therefore the charged surface electrostatic potential value that represents the point of the voltage level. Because of the potential is proportional to the charge quantity, potential of high and low relative reflects the extent of the charged object, can use electricity ( Voltage) Measurement to get to know the size of the battery. And, as a result of electrostatic voltage test than other static parameters of the test is easy to implement, and therefore has been widely used. Anti-static aluminum foil bag of static test, compared with common high voltage or low voltage test has its own characteristics, only grasp these characteristics, to select appropriate test instruments, develop appropriate test methods and procedures, it is concluded that more accurate results. Anti-static aluminum foil bag with electrostatic test with the following features: 1. Static testing instruments to have little input capacitance and high input resistance. 2. Static test results is often related to test method and test voltage test conditions, such as. 3. Static test is affected by various environmental conditions significantly. 4. Electrostatic discharge sensitivity test to use a strict simulator output waveform. Anti-static aluminum foil bag electrostatic test purpose, all can be summarized as the following points: 1. For the electrostatic protection engineering design and provide a basis to improve the antistatic performance of product; 2. Under the condition of actual operation, whether human, equipment and tooling equipment may be electrostatic discharge damage source; 3. The antistatic performance of detection of electrostatic protective equipment and quality. 4. When a simulated test, electrostatic discharge damage after analyzing the cause of the accident and provide the basis for targeted measures; 5. Evaluation of electrostatic sensitive electronic product design and manufacturing quality. A: what are the requirements for food packaging bags of dried fruit bags: next article introduces the performance of paper-plastic bag
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