Analyses the functions of the vacuum bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Now the use of the vacuum bag has penetrated into various industries, whether in the supermarket or market can be seen everywhere vacuum bag packaging of all kinds of food, although widely used, but the main aspect or food bag packaging, so the function of the vacuum bag what on earth could have a wide range of applications in food bag packaging. Since called vacuum bags, must be to remove the internal air, oxygen is also obviously does not exist, we all know that the food deterioration is mainly caused by microbial activity, without oxygen, they lack the survival environment of the microorganism, natural food can be preserved for a long time, High vacuum bag, prevent moisture from the efficacy of oxygen, cut off these within itself, and coupled with this, dual protection, and stable performance, through the low temperature cold storage, can put up with oil. Vacuum can also prevent food from oxidation, such as some of the lipid classes, prevent the rancidity, and vitamins, such as easy to change color, with vacuum packaging, can effectively keep the food flavor. Some vacuum bag and moisture-proof function, is not, of course, also have a high temperature resistant, combined with the traditional sterilization, so food can better preserves the film base material of vacuum packing bag with outer printable membrane BO, PA, BO, PET, BOPP, inner lining can be heat sealing membrane is CPPPE, and co-extrusion film. Aluminum foil as an intermediary material, usually plastic sealing machine through glue composite composite membrane. Transparent vacuum packaging is more popular in the food packaging of a product, because of the high transparency, can very good display products, so many manufacturers have chosen to use transparent vacuum bags. Transparent vacuum packing bag is a lot of more phyletic, for example: walnut transparent vacuum packaging bags, vacuum bags, millet rice transparent transparent vacuum bags, chicken feet transparent vacuum bags, etc. Tea bags are generally selected opaque vacuum bags, because tea is the need to avoid light preservation. Transparent vacuum bags can completely transparent not print design, can also print a few patterns, can very good display products, and can achieve the result that is beautiful. Transparent vacuum packaging material for: PA/PE or PET/PE, the transparency is very good, and good tensile strength, good durability. Very suitable for the choice of some hard objects. Vacuum bags customized considerations vacuum bags order matters needing attention are: 1, 2, vacuum packaging vacuum packing bag size to give an accurate pattern text to precise 3, vacuum packaging material 4 should be determined according to the product demand, vacuum packaging color computer version and there are differences between the actual product, please contact our staff to communicate.
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