Aluminum foil food packaging production need to pay attention to?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Aluminum foil food packaging should not only through the use of modelling, colour, pattern, material to create consumer interest in the product, but also through the packaging to make consumers understand the product, so, today, let's look at what problem we need to pay attention to when making bags?

1, according to the characteristics of material and product introduction for aluminum foil for printing ink, and also want to consider the safety of the ink, the ink in aluminum foil bag will occur on the penetration, so must pay attention to when the choice, reduce risk.

2, at the time of printing, to control the printing material residues remain low, and the adhesion is better.

3, need to review before starting the production sheet, clear bag sealing and cutter location, design or cursor products according to the pattern or the location of the cursor to determine the sealing and cutting knife, such as sealing day or back cover, under the cursor or the cursor. For irregular products, we need an important symbol in root graphics to make clear, in general, the location of the sealing and cutting knife is closely linked, but sometimes it is not the same, so it is very important at the time of audit clear requirements.

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