Aluminum foil bag is suitable for those products?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Is a collection of all kinds of aluminum foil bag, long in one packing product, the cost is low, the printing is exquisite; Product appearance is not transparent, is silvery white, have the burnish, good barrier property, heat sealing, covering optical activity, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrant; Non-toxic tasteless; Softness and so on characteristics. Common planning, new printing technology, outstanding planning and brand effect, picture can be planning special logo or picture, have very good anti-counterfeit effect, can increase more packing bags of products, high grade, and is now the preferred products. 1: aluminum foil bags which products for food packaging series: rice, meat, dried fish, aquatic products, LaWei, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, frozen food, ham, sausages, cooked meat products, pickles, pickled meat sauce, bean paste, food, etc. 2: what shape aluminum foil bag bag bag shape is: 3-side, three edge sealing zipper bag, bag of Yin and Yang, stand up zipper bag, eight edge sealing zipper bag 3: aluminum foil bags of material structure of what are the common combinations are: PET/AL/PE ( Commonly used) , PET/AL/CPP ( High temperature resistance bag) 聚酯/纽约/ AL /聚乙烯( Pure aluminum vacuum bag)
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Overall, 123 may be a great way for manufacturers to expand their use of technology, but the price could present a significant hurdle for some businesses.
is something that has been around for a few decades now, enjoying it's heyday back in the aluminum foil paper manufacturers.
Obviously, financial return is important in manufacturing 123, but I think that's not enough. I think many customers want to support something they really believe in.
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