Aluminized bag and pure aluminum foil bag difference and customized tips

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Aluminized bag is to point to by aluminum plating quality, and the order of bags. Through professional design exquisite design, beautifully printed by gravure printing process design, mainly oriented processing way packaging customization mode. And pure aluminum foil bag means adopted by the material is pure aluminium material. Can be seen from the name, the word is not the same as two kinds of materials. Aluminium bag printing and pure aluminum foil bag printing also has certain difference, from a performance, said pure aluminium bag of moisture, the cooling effect is better than aluminium bag, bag of pure aluminum completely away from light, and bottom aluminum bag only shading effect. From the consideration on the cost, the cost of pure aluminium bag is higher than the aluminum plating. Bag of high purity, pure aluminum is soft material, and aluminium bag is a composite material, is a brittle material. Can be seen from the appearance, pure aluminium bag, opaque, and aluminized bag in resistance, toward the sun or the light, can see aluminized bag the light of the above. Aluminized bag and pure aluminium bag is welcomed by customers. And aluminized bag bag of the general line for the Yin and Yang bag type, this kind of bag use transparent aluminum plating bag line, but to see the clear bag products, so the designers have come up with a structure of Yin and Yang, through the perspective of Yin and Yang window can see the clear bag products, not only to improve the class, also make the product had a good show. There is another instead completely aluminized bag machinery, this kind of bag is our common plating aluminum tea bags, can more effectively prevent away from light, moisture, etc.
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