Yueyang 100000 unlicensed food sack was found

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
On September 11, 2015, the city pledges inspect bureau chief wiring day activities, 12365 to the public, law enforcement personnel has carried on the investigation to the food packaging to be nothing, the scene seized more than 100000 various types of food packaging and production of raw materials. At 9 PM in the day, there are people call 12365 report, the cold water with a color suspected unlicensed production of food packaging. City pledges inspect bureau inspection team immediately send law enforcement, law enforcement and inspection on the spot to the scene. Law enforcement personnel entering the production scene, the color of a few production lines, the workers are the bags printed cooked food, noodles. The field to verify that the factory did not obtain legal effective food packaging production license, is a typical unlicensed production. Law enforcement officers immediately for on-site inventory of more than 100000 various types of food packaging and raw material storage, to further investigate and handle the information. Food packaged in plastic products are countries listed in the directory license management products, the need to obtain the national industrial products production permit before production. New production and new production used for food packaging, containers and other products of the enterprises, it shall timely to the enterprise's own quality and technical supervision departments to apply for production licenses. Not used for food packaging, containers and other products production license, shall not produce the product. Law enforcement personnel, food plastic packaging production process, if you don't completely polymerization, can cause harmful material residues, especially after the temperature rise, harmful substances in the plastic free to food in extremely easily, cause food & other; Secondary pollution & throughout; And have great harm to human body health. Activities on the same day, the city pledges inspect bureau 12365 hotline for 4 elevators, measurement of mass complaint processing was carried out. It is reported, starting in September of this year, the city pledges inspect bureau the monthly 11 ( In legal holidays postpone) Identified as & other; Director-general of wiring & throughout; , focus to help citizens to solve quality problems.
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