You must know, aluminum foil food packaging bags for selection of rigour

by:Kolysen     2021-01-19
Aluminum foil food packaging refers to making good aluminum foil bags used for packaging food packaging. It also said this type of aluminum foil bag is direct contact with food. So in terms of the raw materials is also very important. As for how to choose the material, the raw material is food grade, also is one big problem. Next, small make up to look at the aluminum foil food packaging material related problem. First, due to the close relations between the aluminum foil food packaging and food packaging, aluminum foil food packaging material requirement is very strict. First of all, the material selection for non-toxic, harmless; Second, the material selection in principle not to pollute the inner packing of food. Second, the aluminum foil food packaging printing requirement of the advertising effect, in our daily food when the choose and buy, it's not hard to find, the table to print the colorful patterns, the choice of less and less common bags or no printing and packaging. In some food packaging printing and packaging related patterns and text content, LOGO is also more and more common. Above means in promoting the role of consumers to purchase products, and improve enterprise's popularity, make product traceability production or sales, for consumers, also can play a important role in food security. Third, the need to consider the aluminum foil food packaging cost problem of raw materials. Who is familiar with the market must be found, since the end of 2016, packaging raw material prices are rising so fast, because of the aluminum foil food packaging cost price is higher than before, in contrast, in order to guarantee profits, its sale price also rose. Our professional custom production aluminum foil food packaging for 20 years, the company has a class 100000 clean production workshop. Based on years of customization production work, we guarantee the packaging products material safety, etc. , to meet the requirements of customers and consumers to provide quality services.
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