Yixing city disappear appoint: shopping shall have the right to demand to remove food packaging weighing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Recently, the public zhang a snack chain store in yicheng liberation west road, bought $80 worth of nuts, but she found that the weighing, merchants did not remove the weight of the packaging bags, equivalent to the price of bags are also sold goods, about 1 yuan. Yixing city, on March 25, the reporter visited several fruit shop, snack shop, found that many businessmen are not remove packaging weight when weighing. To this, city disappear appoint personnel warns customer, when shopping has the right to require companies to & other; Skin & throughout; Weighing. Plastic bags weight into the scale consumers pay more money, according to zhang on March 23, she at a snack chain store in yicheng liberation west road, bought some 138 yuan/kg in bulk nuts, sales staff put these nuts in a thick plastic sealed bag after weighing. The weight of the sales staff did not remove the plastic sealed bag, the amount shown on the electronic scale is 80 yuan. Back home, ms zhang think plastic sealed bag is quite thick, specifically looking for a electronic scale, on the balance one said, found 8 g plastic sealed bag. “ According to the unit price of nuts, I pay for this bag 1 yuan or so, it's too unreasonable! ” Frustrated, the ms zhang said. Like ms zhang, pay more & other; Buy & throughout; Citizens and many of the packaging bags. Lee last month in yicheng TuCheng Road on a snack shop to buy a melon seeds, nuts, such as snacks, weighing before, sales staff will be those food are available within the three thicker bags. When Mr. Li asked when remove bag weighed again, the sales staff said: & other; A bag is no weight. ” And said in a bag weighing is a snack shop & other Practice & throughout; 。 “ Although not expensive, but so many bags, I also spent several cent say less! ” Mr Li believes that consumers should not for this kind of bags. Bag first, then weigh both buyers and sellers are used on March 25 in the afternoon, the reporter visited several city snack shop, fruit shop, found that most consumers when buying in bulk food, will weighing habitually put the goods into the bag, and these consumers are not to question the weight of the packaging bags, and there is no requirement to remove bags after weight calculation again. In yicheng west indeed a snack shop, pan bought a variety of snacks, with four or five bags, when reporters asked why not naked said, she said & other; Too much trouble & throughout; 。 Garden in the ring section on the road in the order of a fruit store, mango, rambutan, pitaya fruit were encapsulation within a plastic box, the price of these fruits from 12 yuan to 70 yuan per kilogram. When reporters asked these packed in plastic box of fruit, will not subtract the weight of plastic boxes weighing, the staff said that a fruit is attached to the box to box packaging, etc with weighing, unless the customer request naked said. “ This plastic is not YaCheng, seldom met so customers save money. ” The staff said. Later, the reporter found that after using the store JiLiangCheng weighing plastic box weighs about 6 grams. Department reminded consumers can require companies to leather city of wuxi yixing city of bureau of quality and technical supervision metrological verification testing staff ZongYuLei said, according to the retail goods weighing the measures for the metrological supervision and administration of the rules, no matter how much weight of plastic bags, consumers to buy the goods should be net content, the weighing should be minus the packing weight, set to go & other; Skin & throughout; Weighing. City disappear appoint a staff member said that zhuhai retail food stores to provide different quality of plastic bags, some relatively thin, some larger thicker, but even if only 1 gram of plastic bags, also should not be included in the weight of the goods when weighing, let the consumer to pay. According to the 'consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law' regulation, the operator shall not be included in the net weight of the goods the weight of the package, shall not refuse to consumers on the review of the measurement. “ From the aspects of health, convenience, businesses to provide packaging is also due to consider for the customer, but if you count in the weight of goods, is, in fact, the damage to the consumers' rights and interests. ” , the staff said many people will ignore the weight of packaging bags when shopping, but in fact, consumers have the right to require companies to & other; Skin & throughout; Weighing, & other; Can also be negotiating with merchants, after weighing remove fraction, etc. ” The staff said, but if companies refuse to & other; Skin & throughout; , consumers can complain to city disappear appoint or industrial and commercial departments and so on.
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