Yam red jujube congee to make your skin smooth, glossy - Red packet

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Perfect white, white is every woman in the red skin of beautiful pursuit. To the skin from inside to outside tender and white inside deeply red. In addition to protect skin to taste the maintenance, also need to supplement the nutrition of the food. Sometimes food recuperate skin is far more efficient than expensive brand protect skin to taste oh ~ below small make up to introduce a regimen of porridge, let your beauty can eat out ~ yam red jujube congee, materials are mainly yam, red jujube, rice, glutinous rice and soybean milk, etc. Yam meat tender, contains extremely rich nutrition health care material, has the rich nutrition, nourishing the effect of fitness, raise colour, beauty, is a rare health food, and low calories, regular consumption, a fitness function to lose weight. Jujube contains abundant vitamin C and ring - Adenosine phosphate, can promote metabolism of skin cell, prevent melanin, let more and more white and smooth skin, whiten skin, the beauty spot. Rice and glutinous rice is tie-in, fill in beneficial gas, also increase the viscosity. The addition of soybean milk is a bright spot, can GuDou, protein complement each other, improve the utilization rate of the protein. Practice: wash rice and glutinous rice and soak after an hour into the pot boil, add to nuclear jujube and Chinese yam, rice cooked add in rock sugar and soy milk after flowering, and sticky.
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