Women eat seven kinds of nuts cover 40, don't you do yellow face shiva dried fruit bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
Do you know? Food years hit the magic resistance, far more than those in my expensive cosmetics and health products is more convenient and more efficient. And nuts food unique rich nutrients, but also can make you relaxed and anti-aging. Introduces for you below, the most suitable for women anti-aging seven kinds of nuts food, you can also use them as snacks in his office. 1, filbert hazels contains rich vitamin e, can effectively alleviate the aging, prevent the formation of wrinkles. At the same time, it is also a kind of very effective natural food antioxidant, have the function of the prevention of vascular sclerosis, moist skin, and the risk of heart disease, cancer and vascular diseases have good prevention and treatment effect. 2, pistachio nuts with a thin layer of skin, produce a kind of aroma after baking. Happy fruit's nutritional value very high, it is rich in high protein, accounts for about 20%, still contain 15% ~ 18% of the grain command, can be used for cooking oil. Pistachio nuts also contains rich vitamin E, anti-aging and enhance the effect of constitution. In ancient Persian king happy fruit is called & other Fairy fruit & throughout; 。 3, peanuts, peanut contains 2. 93 mg of vitamin e, zinc, and certain yes, can rise to enhance memory, anti-aging, nourish skin and delay the effect of brain function decline. Peanut nourishing tonic, helps to lengthen your life, so they are called & other; Longevity nut & throughout; And like soy has been hailed as a & other; Plant meat & throughout; 、“ Element of meat & throughout; 。 Peanuts nutritional value is higher than grain, with eggs, milk, meat and other animal food. 4, almond almonds are rich in vitamin E, and a kind of antioxidants called flavonoids, it is a set of found in wine, tea and plant nutrients in fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants can help cells against oxidative damage, prevent cardiovascular disease. The vitamin e content in almond is not lower than hazelnut and peanuts, is of great benefit to the skin. In addition, the almond can also can be used as easing cough medicines, can rise to treat the effect of the dry throat and dry cough. 5, listed a large number of Chinese chestnut chestnut fall. Chinese chestnut is specialty in our country, known as the & other; The king of the dried fruit & throughout; Reputation, it also known as abroad & other; Ginseng fruit & throughout; 。 Of Chinese chestnut contains a lot of vitamin e, can nourish skin, also can fill spleen and stomach, and invigorate the circulation of the bleeding, also has a good therapeutic effect for kidney. I'm afraid it's hard to think of you, the fresh chestnut contains vitamin C more than recognized contain rich vitamin C of tomatoes, but apple more than ten times! Chestnuts contain minerals are very comprehensive, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, etc. , while short of the content of hazelnut, melon seeds is so high, but it is still much higher than apples, pears and other common fruit. 6, walnuts, walnut contains large amounts of vitamin e, this is the most ideal human body skin beauty agent, can have the effect of relieving fatigue, and can also reduce the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Fat walnut is rich in essential fatty acids, the brain of phospholipids on the brain nerve is particularly useful, can for brain brain. 7, cashew nuts rich in vitamins can have the effect of antioxidant, can effectively delay the aging of the skin, and keep the young state. In addition, it is very effective to soften blood vessels, can protect blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular disease. Nuts 5 big effect 1, free radicals scavenging free radicals, very lively, can react with cells and DNA in the human body, causing toxicity and damage effect. Studies have shown that some nuts food such as sunflower has strong ability of scavenging free radicals, its action can be compared with strawberry spinach, the ability of scavenging free radicals. 2, the puzzle for brain cells by 60% unsaturated fatty acid and 35% protein. These are the strengths of nuts. Whether it's for brain development need the first nutrition & ndash; — Unsaturated fatty acids, or constitute the main components of the nerve cells & ndash; — Amino acids and content is more than enough nuts. 3, regulating blood lipid, after eating the almond human serum total cholesterol and apolipoprotein B will be significantly lower, apolipoprotein A1 increased significantly. Suggesting that almond that are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids on human blood lipid and apolipoprotein levels have good adjustment. 5, women lower the risk of type 2 diabetes eating nuts can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Nuts are rich in unsaturated fat and other nutrients, all of these nutrients contribute to improve the balance of blood sugar and insulin. 3, good heart, decrease the rate of sudden cardiac death eating nuts can reduce the probability of people to have a heart attack. The doctor pointed out that the nut is rich in unsaturated fat, magnesium and vitamin E, which is very important for prevention of heart disease. Most nuts, as part of the low saturated fatty acid and low cholesterol diet, eating about 42 grams per day, can reduce the risk of heart disease.
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