Women eat red jujube six good five cream you eat it? Red packet

by:Kolysen     2020-07-02
1, complexion is ruddy & ndash; Eating the doctor said: women are more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia. An average of about 20% of adolescent women, 50% of pregnant women will have a case of anemia. The Chinese date is rich in iron, the prevention and treatment of menstrual anemia, and postpartum bleeding play an important role, the effect is usually can't be matched by drugs. Red jujube also contains a lot of rings in adenosine phosphate, it can adjust the metabolism of human body, make new cells generated rapidly, was quickly eliminate old cells, and can enhance the bone marrow hematopoietic function, increase the content of red blood cells in the blood. 2, the skin moist & ndash; Eating a dermatologist believes that in front of the computer for a long time can cause skin problems, one of the most serious is dry. Red jujube is very rich in nutrition, vitamin c and vitamin p content is the highest, in a variety of fruits. The amount of vitamin c in fresh jujube, 7 ~ 10 times higher than the citrus and apple's 75 times. Generally recognized lemon is a representative of the contain rich vitamin p, but compared with the fresh jujubes, but as more than a dozen times. Often eat jujube can make the elasticity of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, make skin tender and smooth. 3, no longer knit & ndash; Eat jujube beauty not old just legend, wrinkles can not long, but it can grow a little later, again a little later! Jujube contains vitamin c is very strong reducing reactive antioxidants, to participate in the body physiological oxygen reduction, prevent melanin deposition in the body, can effectively reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. 4, posture upright & ndash; What eat jujube waist sour backache, often far from elegant posture; Nail soft and easy to break, don't want to do crystal, French details to create beauty, but didn't also didn't detail the health! Jujube is rich in calcium, in an important role in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, can help you to extend the shelf life of tall and straight body. Dates in the food, the nutrition of ZuiZao loss is bigger, almost all vitamin c was damaged, but after wine of jujube, mineral content increasing. So ZuiZao calcium content is the best, the several kinds of jujube products per 100 grams contains about 75 mg. 5, lose weight & ndash; Eat jujube clothes best xxs— Thin into a skinny woman also can find his own reason to lose weight. To lose weight for women, sometimes is not a thing, but a kind of attitude to life! Jujube has the function that promote intestinal peristalsis, is to lose weight. Lying on the sofa, watching TV, playing video games, mouth when I do can also chew a red jujube. You should have heard that chewing gum has the effect of thin face, chewing red jujube is better! But it is important to note that the sugar content of jujube is very high, not low heat nature, so if you lose weight, is the purpose of control the intake of Chinese date, please. 6, not easy to get sick & ndash; Eating problems haven't overcome the cancer, AIDS, and the so-called swine flu! A headache is dead! Ordinary flu often got infected, this new type of and how to deal with? That's cold, need to guard against more terrible disease! Jujube extract including jujube juice have anti-fatigue effect. In addition, the jujube also can promote the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes, improve human immunity, make the person is not likely to get sick, long-term eating health will have improved significantly. Late summer or early autumn is fresh jujube mature season every year. But to be successful implementation of red jujube beautiful charm, you need some knowledge and skills: 1, fresh jujube: best eaten raw, is conducive to the absorption of nutrition. Freshness of fresh jujube is very short, room temperature will lose crunchy taste a few days, so after you come back to buy the best food. 2, dried dates, dried dates sugar content as high as 50% 87%, every 100 grams flesh heat of 309 kilocalorie, similar to rice, flour, therefore more suitable for cooking porridge or soup, can released nutrients well. 3, jujube, is made of fresh jujube jujube jujube long-term preservation of another way. Compared with fresh jujube, dried dates, dates of nutrients, at least the highest sugar content. Similar to dry jujube, jujube is used to cook porridge, best can dilute the concentration of the sugar in jujube. Eat jujube taboo 1, fructus corni, red jujube is a tonic aftercare is tasted, can eat frequently, but avoid by all means is too much, eating too much can cause heartburn, abdominal distension and other issues. And red date of fructus corni digestive difficulties, be sure to eat slowly. 2, love teeth: red jujube with high sugar content of teeth has certain harm. If eating too much red dates, but I did not drink enough water, it is easy to tooth decay. People already suffering from dental is unfavorable eat jujube. 3, red jujube, had better not eat with cucumber or carrot. Radish contains ascorbic acid enzyme, in cucumber contains vitamin decomposing enzyme, both ingredients could undermine other vitamins in food. 4 don't feed with liver, red jujube. Animal liver rich in the elements such as copper, iron, copper and iron ion to make the other foods vitamins oxidation and lose efficacy. 5, don't eat red jujube take antipyretic. Acetanilide drugs consumption of foods high in sugar content at the same time easy to form insoluble complex, reduce early drug absorption rate. Jujube belong to the high sugar content of food, so can't feed with acetanilide drugs.
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