Will know the plastic bags of all kinds of common sense

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Will know the plastic bags of all kinds of common sense to release time: 2020 - 03 - 03 plastic bags can say closely related to people's life, can use every day, such as plastic food packaging bags, PVC bags, cosmetic bags, clothing bags, non-woven fabric, zipper bags, etc. , but do you know how to correctly choose and buy plastic bags, some related knowledge do you understand? 1. Different goods bags cannot mix, packing should be to choose the corresponding plastic bags. Such as food packaging is designed for packing food, to environmental safety requirements such as its raw material, craft is higher; And chemical industry, clothing, cosmetics and other plastic bags because demand different manufacturing processes will have differences, but this kind of plastic bags cannot be used for packing food, or you'll formation damage to human body health. 2. Plastic bags of choose and buy, many habits pick thick and strong, but it does not seem to be the more thick, the stronger, the better. Countries to plastic bags have strict specifications, especially used for food packaging bags, must choose normal manufacturer produces, with related departments to review of qualified products. Food plastic bags labeled food special words or QS logo is necessary. Other, for the light to see whether the plastic clean. Qualified plastic bag is very clean, without impurities, and the defective plastic bags will see dirty point, impurities. 3. Many habits according to appearance and colour to choose cosmetic plastic packaging, but in fact it is not scientific. Plastic bags while many color variety, but we choose the time must be careful, if only for items of plastic packaging, single from the consideration on the color, be sure to choose colour brief, so at least it fewer additives. 4. About the repeated use of the plastic bags. There are many families have stored waste plastic bags, in fact, register need to pay attention to clean and waste is to the use of plastic bags, and both green and cut. But do not use waste plastic bags for touch ready-to-eat food, that will produce chronic damage to our physical health. Will know the packing bag of all kinds of common sense the packing bag of plastic bags manufacturer production quality is uneven, sometimes we have to master certain when the choose and buy identification methods, to ensure that we can buy some good quality plastic packaging bags. When the choose and buy through observation of the eyes, nose to smell, methods of ear, can effectively identify the quality of the bag. The previous: high-temperature cooking suction nozzle bag next up: the daily use of plastic bags need to pay attention to these points
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