Why there are white powder material in the garment bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Why there are white powder material in the garment bag? Some clothing brand in the use of procurement to clothing bags, always found in dark clothing when there is always some white powder. So what are the white powder? How to eliminate the white powder? Clothing bags of white powder is, in fact, the packaging film for production of the join smooth agent, smooth agent can make bags internal friction decreases, and convenient clothing bags openings. In the process of packing bags of clothing production, at the time of the granular material film, granular materials added in smooth agent and opening agent will play a role, make clothing bag can speak. But when in dark clothes will stick on the white powder, not only clean up is not convenient, also will be contaminated clothing. This problem bothering many clothing brand not only, also plagued garment bag manufacturers. So how to solve this problem? How to eliminate the white powder? The following answer for you by the plastic bag manufacturer. How to eliminate the white powder in the garment bag? Using new materials, new technology usually, PE bags the most vulnerable to this problem, in recent years, therefore, CPE, PPE materials because white powder is less even no powder had been widely used, many clothing brands will be the original PE clothing bag replacement for CPE clothing bags and PPE clothing bags, PPE clothing bag compared with PE clothes bag is more soft and bright, also more of less precipitation of powder, the mainstream of the clothing industry is one of the bags. PPE clothing bags, clothing bags manufacturer technical test another solution is to garment bag manufacturer technical testing, test the powder is relatively the least amount of raw materials formula, want to meet at the same time open. Due to test needs to consume large amounts of raw materials formula, and the cost of direct purchase formula is also very expensive, so only powerful clothes bag factory has the ability to independently produce less powder amount of thin film materials. Clothes bag blown film: ENDPE/PO/PP/PVC/CPE/PPE/OPP/EVA
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